just some qns

just saw this quiz on jermees website..so i decided to answer a few

qns not all of them haha

3. No. of family members? umm 5…but it maybe as well 0 since i dun

talk to them

6. No. of boyfriends or girlfriends u had? 0 (uguu~)

8. Favourite colour? Purple. But its a gay color to wear so my fav

color to wear is blue.

11. Favourite clothes brand? My mum thinks i’m brand concious but

really i just go for design…and samuel and kevin makes nice

designs…i wait till they have steep discounts though…wahhaha

14. Favourite food? black pepper crab

15. Favourite drink? China apple. I have 10 $1 china apple bottles

bought especially for me

16. If u were stuck on an island, who is the first person u wud think

about? dun tell u

19. Do you pluck your eyebrows? …Yes. Not by design though. I had

itchy fingers one day and just started pulling hairs out.(yeah ok

ewww). If u look carefully theres this slight patch on my left eyebrow

that looks like it was a scar but its really the spot where i pulled a

lot of hair out…not really obvious anymore so i dun care lah.

21. Could you live without a computer? at the risk of sounding like a

s3 geek…nope (haha the s3 thing is a joke ok…u guys spent too much

time on utopia)

23. Do you drink enough water? I dun drink plain water. Really.

25. Are you photogenic? Why of cou…No. (uguu~)

26. Do you dream in color or black and white? Technicolor

29. What is the most beautiful language? English

31. Do you want to live to be 100? hell i dun wanna live until 60

33. Are you tolerant of other people’s beliefs? Not really.i think

worshipping ancestors is stupid.

45. What makes you happy? Surprisingly little

46. What makes you sad? Surprisingly a lot. Any sort of violence

towards women generally.

47. What are you wishing for now? a girlfren haha i noe someone will

come along eventually…i just wish they would come now =P

48. Do you believe in love at first sight? Not really

50. Have you ever wanted to tell someone you loved him/her, but you

didnt? no. somehow they always noe haha i can’t keep my bloody secrets.

I’ve managed to keep the latest one under wraps haha lets see how long

this lasts…

In the last 24 hours have u…

55. cried – like a sissy

thats all folks~!

just some qns

bio prac

haha had a tough time todae…First qns was a food test, first sign that it was going wrong was when i had to remake the four solutions in the two test-tubes. twice since i kept messing up…afte that things started going downhill…with only 5 mins left b4 the handover i quickly put performed the benedicts test when the water was boiling yet (since it took such a damm long time to boil), and took it out just b4 the changeover since i thot we had to change places…but of course we hadn’t so ended up with 2 similarly colored tubes. didn’t feel like doing the damm thing again so just left it there.

2nd qns was abt plasmolysis…u had to stain the onion epidermis and then placed it in diff sucrose solutions to let the water out…then looked at it under the microscope…for some reason when i looked under the microscope i couldn’t see anything. Just cell walls…so i faked all the results. bai bai 2nd qns ~ haha to make things worse i started sweating so much that the lab teacher especially turned on the fan for me…inbetween staring incredulously at my answers…

3rd qns was slightly better…just missed out stuff like magnification and crap..haha but it isn’t enuff to make up for the onion debacle …

And being the masochist that i am i came home and decided to learn cascading style sheets …

bio prac

cuddle and a kiss on the forehead – you like to …

cuddle and a kiss

cuddle and a kiss on the forehead – you like to be

close to your special someone and feel warm,

comfortable, and needed

What Sign of Affection Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

haha this is really accurate…prob becos i chose the cuddle up to someone option under what u would want to do if u had a gf…theres nothing else i would want to do really…curl up to her and purr softly like a kitten haha

cuddle and a kiss on the forehead – you like to …


i only reserve that expression for times when i’m really tired or sianz…and yes i noe i’m ripping images left right and centre none of the graphics over here are my own…haha i don’t even bother to host them i’m such a bad person…

I opened up my com three times in 2 days to fix a spoilt cpu fan that wasn’t spinning…and i failed. Haiz…haha i guess i really have to go down to sim lim to get a real cpu fan(and from what i hear they bundle with a heatsink only…) hope they don’t cost me a bomb. Its works alright without the fan though…i just cannot play games…

On friday arranged to meet risu-chan and yuki at comex at 2.00…risu overshot shaw tower ended up at harbourfront and took an hour to get back…and he was already late by half and hour. Yuki wasn’t much better…late by 1 hour. If it pays to be punctual…i’m not seeing it haha…bcos i stood in front of the shaw movie counter for45 mins looking at movie previews…without sound. My eyes hurt after that. Btw Resident Evil 2 is looking pretty sweet…

Went down to comex on friday with yuki and risu-chan to try and find a cpu fan and also see what they have there…apparently more of the same stuff. Mp3 players, laptops, digital cameras, projectors, printer refillers, lcd screens and xbox games. Notably absent were things like crt monitors and scanners. ( u noe stuff that work perfectly fine but somehow gets abandoned)

I guess thats what i hate about that don’t whats its name theory of efficiency(a sure sign that i shld start studying econs but ummm…nvm.), the one that states they u shld go into the industries that are emerging and get out of industries that are in decline. It reeks of…well i hate to use this word becos its very generic and can apply to many things (and has been applied to many things) and doesn’t really mean anything at all…but i can’t really think of words to use so WTH…consumerism and fadism and popularism(?). I’m a little confused myself…but if u think abt it a good example would be bubble tea…yeah its an expanding industry adn there was expanding demand for it…but to see everybody chasing it like a pretty young thing is just hilarious to me…in fact my father wanted to sell bubble tea at his drink stall. He likes to think hes entrepeunerial but really hes just a copycat…and worse a really late one…by then shops were popping up and closing everynight. So i can’t really claim credit for stopping him from selling it..but i digress.

to me its no different from pop music…it changes based on whos “in” and whos “cool” and i hate that…which is why i turned off the radio when they started to blare out clubbing music…haha my mind is a mess…i don’t think i even noe what i’m writing so i’m going to stop this train of thought here.(except for one more point…bubbletea sucks)

Aniwae the whole expo was quite boring to me….yeah expanding industries are innovative and initially they are exciting…but to see generic versions popping up just becos these things are making money is just so stupid…i dunno man aniwae they had two levels xbox games on one level and the others on the second level…(there could be some other things on the xbox level…but i wasn’t paying attn =P) The only memorable game i played was hunter the reckoning, which was a mindless hack and slash co-op. I dunno why but for an above average intelligence person like me why do i like to do repetitive stuff? but i digress (AGAIN) …

top level were all the hardhitters….dell and canon and blah blah…we skipped all the major stuff and went to the back…where there was an argubably larger crowd there…Thats where all the odds and ends go….software, magazines, accessories. modding equipment some game design college cd repair kits and stuff like that…these don’t really change year to year but i’m glad they exist haha…couldn’t find what i was looking for unfortunately…

went back relatively early and came back the next day…which would be today (yay! i can still count…i was sure my intelligence had dropped lots of notches after mugging stats for 5 days) hoping to get a head start on the xbox booths…and i forgot that today was saturday. public holiday u noe…crowds were a killer. I did managed to play the hunter game again with this nice malay boy who gave me pointers and insturctions. Btw whats it with malay boys? when they are young they are like so nice and friendly (i had a malay best fren when i was at pasir ris…played badminton rollerblading and catching with him)..but when they grow up all they want to do is stare and you and do mud(sp?) stuff. Like the malay boys near my block. Aniwae i went back to visit the booths that i missed the prev day. Bcos even though i hate all the stuff they were selling…i am a completionist.

So that was my (2) days. If theres something that needs to be mentioned and by god seeing as to how i managed to mention everything else here…Apple has one sweet looking booth. 31 inch widescreen displays, the ipod and ipod mini, u noe what even the operating system deserves mention. Say what u want about the ipod and ipod mini (and some day i will say everything abt it bcos i just love it)…it looks gimmicky and trendy and looks like it was designed to be with the popular crowd…but damm it feels like gold in your hands(not heavy). And i’m willing to forgive it for that. In fact i’m willing to forgive everything that mac makes, and even buy them…if only it didn’t have a monopoly over the software and the hardware which makes everything so damm ex, just becos it all looks sw00t.[ Even microsoft only has monopoly over software (windows). ]



Added a link to becky’s new texas blog

got a long post…but i dunno whether to post it…so instead i’m posting my sp char

I managed to isolate the freezing prob to a cpu overheat all cpu intensive activities like games and mp3 encoding and SETI@home freezes my com…hopefully can fix it when i get some fans…