sigh…it’s been so long already…why am i still …

sigh…it’s been so long already…why am i still like that?

Whenever i talk to her not a single shred of intelligence shines thru. What comes out instead instead is a neverending stream of garbage that makes me look


or worse,


instead of


i dun like her anymore i just want to be her fren but my brain goes into overload whenever i’m near her…my mum revat keeps telling me to have more guts…haiz.

sigh…it’s been so long already…why am i still …

How to upgrade a com for less than 300…

gRaphICs cArD- Innovision (Inno3D) GeForce4 MX440 64MB DDR (w/TV-out) $74.00

mOthErBoaRd – ABIT NF7 (NVIDIA nForce2) DDR400+AGP8x+ATA-133+IEE1394 $125.00

rAm- Corsair XMS2700 256 MB -333 MHZ $83.00

which comes out to arnd $282….time to start saving

How to upgrade a com for less than 300…

Prelims 1 Shawn 0 :) Lets see: english b3 mat…

Prelims 1 Shawn 0 šŸ™‚

Lets see:

english b3

maths 0

chem o

econs e?

bio e?

wasn’t unexpected…but was still dissapointed…although i can’t really understand why…i didn’t finish studying so its only right that i get this kinda results…still u always wish that u could have done better…especially for gp since i screwed up my essay (just when i got my highest ever for compre) haiz…

And oh the marker called me sharon.

i kinda know where my standards are act and for what sub i can go all the way for As…maths would be one of them…the O came from not studying complex vectors, stats and trig funcs…bio too prob…econs and chem pose more of a prob…since those were the topics i put more emphasis on and still came up short.

b4 i forget some links Crude and sexist….but still funny Motas game Crimson room game

Prelims 1 Shawn 0 :) Lets see: english b3 mat…


well it had to come to an end someday….

went down to serenes house on saturday with bulky vcd player in tow to watch the harmoc concert with the harmoc members…only to find that she had a vcd player aLrEaDy lol…so we spent the next half an hour cycling to ecp and then to parkway to meet the vjc harmoc..i expected less ppl to come really haha…then i ran away at 3 b4 they had a chance to watch my segment in front of me tee hee…but reeally it was so horrible haha thank god for RE: Apocalypse…

so then i arranged to meet tk and jermee and jr at orchard…only to find out that they were scrambling to find a cinema with tickets for a session b4 midnight :0 helped then searched cineleisure and plaza sing for tix…which of course was a no go. so i spent the next 15 mins in cinleisure riding the escalators up and down looking at girls while waiting for them (its cine?!?! Wat do u expect me to do?!?!Thats all that god forsakenplace is good for…)

We finaly managed to find a place at shaw towers…the same one where i went to watch brotherhood with xueqi and jermee…hmmm…movie was bleah i guess…but jill valentine is kewl so no probs in the end…then stayed over at jermees house and bummed arnd until this morning and finally managed to learn how to play mahjong…

god i’m so bored….