tata going back to school to mug…coming back eve…

tata going back to school to mug…coming back ever now or then to check my downloads

btw check this out nice political parody http://atomfilms.shockwave.com/af/content/this_land_af

and somethings stupid happened during chem prac todae…and the stupid thing was the prac handheld you all the way such that it wasn’t even necessary to do such a thing, it was totally useless and utterly selfish. I dun want to take the prac again.

tata going back to school to mug…coming back eve…

state of the union

hmmm…haven’t update in a while..not like it matters aniwaez…

sleeping over night in school running around without footwear working out in the gym trying to break locker combis climbing the roof and smashing myself silly against the wall in an attempt to climb the side of the v block…man school is a fun place to play…esp when u have ppl like qinhong around 🙂

just downloaded kino…watched the first ep and i felt like i shld have watched it earlier…mebbe it would have changed my mind about doing cetain things….looks like a very cool series …

The first batch of farewell photos came rolling in….found some good enuff ones to post…

if u received a msg on your phone asking u to surrender your phone during prac and your wondering why u received it….its bcos of me 🙂

iichan just died…i’m wondering whether it was bcos of me and my attempt to archive photos by camping there with my trusty firefox browser and download plugin :)….i wished ppl would just donate damm it i would if i had money…and a usable credit card.



3.public morning musume tracker

all the same though i’m kinda glad it went down…i have this stupid habit of trying to get my hands on everything…no matter whether the pics are good or not..i rem wasting half my time online on deviantart in year one i think i finished browsing all the way till flash b4 giving up…

since my hp went missing i decided to make a list here of things that i recorded down…

xueqi-owe spriggan ccs part 2 10 dollars and a photo and vandread….ask for ccs part 1 and the funny korean animation thingy

tk-owe aro cd…owes me ghost in the shell (and one more series/movie?)

jr-owes me tsukihime and texhnoloyze….

jermee-owe at least 10 dollars

serene-owes me a music cd

yx – owes me naruto 1-90

yip hon – owes me naruto 90-97


websites:bboy gfxartist urban freeflow some webcomics(?)

anime:azumanga haibane renmei mahoromatic junkers come here

after As- hit the gym try out pk learn guitar find a fucking job

mich says i shld try spiking hair, not the first time she has said it though mebbe i really shld try it but i prefer to keep it long like AKFG lead singer….and wtf are the god damm guys doing theres a beautiful smart witty and sassy girl who deserves to be in a relationship(ok that wld depend on whether ppl view relationships to be good or bad) i really hope she finds someone nice…(its supposed to be a longer post but i dun feel like writing more now mebbe someday i will blog abt mich)

ho hum thats it for todae time to post photos…

oh wait i support kerry…doesn’t anyone find it ironic that bush is supposed to be the commoner when he was raised in a wealthy family, supports big corporations and free trade and was a white horse in the army and cut taxes for the rich and kerry is the one who was raised in a poor family…supports protectionist measure(for the common worker), worked his butt off in the army and won’t raise taxes…and yet he is labelled as an elitiest? I have a feeling that americans are just plain stupid.

state of the union


after a sms chat with serene last night i have come to the conclusion that i am an asshole.

So this is an unconditional apology to jermee

1)I’m sorry i used this blog to sort this mess out. Bcos even if this is my blog and i want to use this to air out my true feelings, this is an inappropriate platform to terminate that frenship.I am a coward and i don’t like confrontation, which is why i took the easy way out. At the very least it warranted a face to face talk; to throw a bombshell like that was disrespectful to u.

2) I’m sorry that i used the word hate. Bcos i dun hate u. U said in a post on your blog that u are not gonna bother if ppl can’t accept u for who you are. Yeah i can’t, its called a personality clash, its not sth that is wrong with u, bcos as far as i can remember u are a nice person, u care for your frens and you are generous with your frens. I can’t take back the words that i wrote bcos in real life u can’t take back the words u say but if i could have turned back the hands of time i would have said something to this effect :” I can’t dun feel comfortable around you and i dun think we can be friends” which would have made far more sense that what i wrote.

3) I’m sorry for the timing. It came far too late, and it came at a bad time. I would have come clean earlier if not for the fact that u and tk were having some probs….and the last thing i wanted to do was to walk out on ppl who were already troubled by probs with their frens. when u started to turn to me and xueqi i told tk at that time that i couldn’t fill the hole that he left and thats why he shld patch things up with u…i waited until i was sure that u guys were ok before i decided to pull this off, but i realised that it cuts extremely close to the a-levels and i’m sorry for any emotional distress i have caused u during this emotionally sensitive time.

4) I’m sorry to your fren yks. Who i have posted quite sarcarstic comments on his blog and over here. Bcos quite obviously he and i have quite diff priorities on wat we think are important to us, he obv values loyalty to frens and is going a rough patch in his life. In his eyes i noe i look like a spoiled brat bcos there are other things that are going wrong in his life which may make mine pale in comparison….but until hes in my shoes and feeling wat i feel hes to me what i am to him.

5)I’m sorry that things didn’t work out. Cos u really tried hard to be frens with me and i really tried to reciprocate the favour. however sometimes stuff happens, and well i never thought that i would one day be the one that wreaks havoc, well it turns out i am. And i hate myself for that well i wish u the best in all your endeavours and i hope that one day we will meet again under more pleasant circumstances.


went w/o sleep for 36 hours today. went studying w…

went w/o sleep for 36 hours today. went studying with si qi, hc, revat and davi at tampines…then went to the airport to study…then to school for maths remedial. I think i have very good anti-sleeping resistance….hoping to go one up today…

then went to swensens to celebrate mariettas bdae….i noticed only today that her acne cleared up already…i remember that when she came in her face was poccked like mark lee (ok lah mebbe not so bad)…haha i remember when my acne was really bad too… pimples used to break out quite regularly when i was in secondary school….i used to take a needle and proceed to pop them with vigour…i’m lucky that i dun have any major scars. When the pimple broke u had to squeeze out the yellow gooey stuff inside and then proceed to squeeze out the bad blood and then i would stare in the mirror and see the thick crimson blood flowing down…then i proceeded to squeeze it somemore until it started to hurt and hurt and hurt….there was this morbid sense of satisfaction that always accompanied it. U noe those pins that u used to pin up lame ss articles and stupid jokes yeah i played with them too. I would insert them at a angle into the palm to make this pretty round shape, expecially when i had calluses from doing too much pullups that area became very rough and numb and basically u just poke them inside and try to perform lame weight lifting experiments with the needle..the callus usually tore after i was done. Which is why i think i have very smooth hands now 🙂

aniwaez marietta is one of those girls who acts bimboish but is act very smart. i am still waiting for her to show it however.

went w/o sleep for 36 hours today. went studying w…