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at qinhongs request here comes an post about what …

at qinhongs request here comes an post about what happened during the class outing.

[edit] be forewarned its so boring…i fell asleep writing it.

aniwae went down to school first of all to watch the orientation…this years theme was hollywood. they had this life-sized lara croft model at the front door. other than that however it was pretty boring..for me. mebbe i had fun i dunno. i sure as hell didn’t. spent 30 mins wandering arnd and toking cok with PA crew members…hmm sharp features. Tracy is it?. Haha…

So i went home. And joel came to school.

After failling to persuade me to walk back all the way to school to join him…he wisely decided to just wait for me on the bus to suntec.

So we trudged down to suntec 10 mins early only to find…absolutely no one there.

20 mins later they finally………………………………..nope still no one there.

Brian was the first one to walk in leisurely followed by esther and wanzhen who just came back from their bank jobs. And qiuyu and muifong who apparently came early but decided to go shopping instead. Wateva happened to meeting at 5.30 at Suntec delight?

Then we drifted from fish and co…lingered lovingly at the foodcourt b4 turning to subway since neither qiuyu nor i had tried it. And i wasn’t prepared to pay 4 bucks for hawker food which i got for 2.50 everyday.

it wasn’t that bad actually 7 bucks for a full set. Then we sat and tok cok about jobs and job agencies and about army and the taiwan trip..eh joel bought something for u qh. YC dropped by half an hour late from his morale education and design and tech relief job at bedok north secondary school. Fiona dropped in an hour later from dunnoe where. And yx dropped in just when we were about to leave haha… Brian and Yaochen also raised alot of IQ brain twisters dunno where they hear one. Posed for a photo and joel and i left cos joel had GV farewell dinner and i was feeling damm exhausted already. Dunno whether they continued to do anything else after that…but judging from the ppl who went and the fact that it was 9+ already i doubt they did anything else.

Other misc stuff: skirt count 4 out of 5

at qinhongs request here comes an post about what …

spent the new year drunk and semi unconscious. …

spent the new year drunk and semi unconscious.

not a very good start…but damm it felt good to do something…different for a change.

like my primary school english teacher used to say..u should try everything once. she cited smoking.

I think they fired her soon after that.

another primary school teacher(quite chio ne) gave us answers to the end of year examinations 2 months early. they fired her too.

never really had much luck with teachers…oops digressing.

the happiness evaporated soon after and the melancholy sent in. god for like what 6 7 bucks a pop they sure as hell didn’t last long. not very good for money eh.

dunno lar i have been feeling like this for 2-3 weeks. Its not because of NS i think. I have been thru npcc for 4 years…didn’t like it one bit was 4 years of chinese speaking hell every weekends. But if theres one thing i learned i can take amazing amounts of boredom. And the pt won’t be a problem for me i’m at least sure of that.

In fact its the present that preoccupies me..at least for now. If they start throwing blanket parties and having gay orgies in the bed besides me..then mebbe i’ll start worrying about NS and wat it brings.

For now…i just feel like building my own fireplace and curling up beside it. Hopefully with alyssa milano and a hot tub thrown in afterwards. But since i’m not rolling arnd in dough..i think i’ll make do with what i have. hot milo and a nice stack of anime. heaven on earth ~

being at the esplanade on new years eve made me realise how much people there really are in singapore… and for a moment i thought how great it would be if we all linked hands and sang together just once as a one big happy family…then some raver sprayed me. thanks a lot buddy. LUVu~ and PEACEisu~ can go to hell.

stil haven’t pinpointed wats been bothering me. mebbe it will come to haunt me in a clearer form some day. i just noe that a lot has happened this year. stuff i feel has show me how immature i am..yet made me more mature at the same time. so for now i think i’ll spare the “FUCK THIS SHIT” and “FUCK U WORLD” and say “FUCK U TELETUBBIES!!”

tatts all folks tahnk you very much.

spent the new year drunk and semi unconscious. …