The Mystery of Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’

While i was reading this book called “Secrets of Angels and Demons” , i came across this passage in the book which highlighted similarities in the painting of the Creation of Adam and the cross section of the human brain. Turns out that Michelangelo frequently dissected human bodies and was quite familiar with the anatomy of the human brain.

The rest of the book highlights the conflicts between religion and science (predominantly the Catholic Church, the largest organised religion). However it also talks about how Dan Brown bullshits his way through the technology in the book (and some of it is really quite perposterous), and how little of what he says is really true…

The Mystery of Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’

eh ok first things first I’m a corporal now! I onl…

eh ok first things first I’m a corporal now! I only got wind of it a month after they promoted me so they back-paid me 50 bucks. Now with 420 i get to save at least a bit each month….

second of all i’m thinkin of picking up a class 2b license and a bike cos i’m tired of waiting for buses and trains and personally i feel that public transport is a big waste of time. it becomes really apparent when you take 2 hours to reach camp. My company is moving to a new unit in a few months time but our workplace will remain the same, its all admin. But the new unit’s policy is for all its technicians to stay out, which is actually really good, but its currently not really uh feasible.

i’ve started accumulating a buffer in my bank account in anticipation of all the money that its gonna take. In other words no more movies, no more 15 dollar lunches and dinners, no more staying out on weekends, no more mp3 players, no ipod, imac mini, psp gba or nintendo ds. I’m looking at a Vespa but i’ve been told that spare parts are expensive and that the engine is located on one side so its a bit unbalanced when riding. So in the end i may just settle for a run of the mill sports bike…

I’m still quite busy but it has kinda settled into a routine for me, so much so that when i go back for the weekends i end up planning for the weekdays instead and i don’t really know what to do on weekends. I think i pretty much succeeded in severing contact with everyone else other than my army buddies and the inner circle, although not intentionally, so in essence well, its official, my life revolves around the army. In fact i brought my xbox to camp for a while, but it seems to be a grey area and nobody knows whether i’m allowed to bring it in….and it just so happened that a week after MSD came down, and they started conducting hundred percent bag checks at the entrance so i brought it back home to give me peace of mind…

Actually I kinda like it there. there’s only one computer there and its mainly used by people who surf porn, chat up secondary school girls ( we are talking 25 year old guys here) and who fish around sites like Friendster and WhoLivesNearYou so i dun really get to use it unless i stay up really late, but i find that i get a lot of free time to do other stuff. And it makes me confront this deep dark secret of mine that i refused to acknowledged for the longest time…I’m actually a computer addict. I’m not toking about dropping dead after 50 hours of gaming or anything of that sort, but its sort of undeniable that if i have some free time, i would be found in front of the computer. I can actually spend the whole day surfing till my eyes pop, and once i experienced what can only be described as “eye seizures” after which was scared enuff to stay away for a while, but not long enuff.

So in fact in camp i feel more liberated than i do at home. isn’t that like the bizzarest thing? heres a list of things i do in camp that i dun actually remember doing at home:

I go running and go gym.
I read.
I watch TV.
I listen to radio.
I talk to people.
I get 7 hours of sleep.

So i actually kinda enjoy army life. The people here aren’t too bad too. Granted some of them are internet perverts but they are all quite nice ppl. The kind of ppl you see everyday and dun feel like punching their faces in. The kind of ppl you bitch about commanders with. Even the hokkien pings aren’t half bad. granted they speak in hokkien and i can’t understand them, but at least they dun try to eat you. so i guess i’ve had it at least better than my peers. Hey everyone has f**ked up commanders but with frens like these army’s a breeze…

P.S Anyone else notice the sign in on blogspot dissappeared on army computers? i wun update in camp but my frens do….

eh ok first things first I’m a corporal now! I onl…