Army boys’s nights out

Friday – Half day at Big Splash, followed by Sitex. As usual skipped all the big corporate stores, headed to the backlanes, found nothing there, then wandered around looking for stuff for my hands to fondle. Found the ipod nano, played around with it and tossed it aside. Definitely not worth $438. The creative zen vision was much better but at $799, in the immortal words of Neo: Whoa. Pass! Also tried out the creative x-fi demo. The much vaunted Crystallizer technology which restores mp3s to original studio recordings sounds like just a very powerful Dynamic Bass Boost but much clearer, but the one that takes the prize must be the headphone 3d surround technology. Imagine – 7.1 surround sound with just a pair of headphones. Might be looking to get one soundcard next year in place of 5.1 speakers. Just one minor caveat though sometimes i can’t tell whether the sound is going behind me or in front of me…

Saturday – just got back from shopping in johore with army buddies yesterday, wah was quite fun 6 ppl went in 5 ppl came out w/ 5 pairs of shoes (and one stuck at immigration claiming his lost passport)

other things i bought – a nightmare before christmas hp pouch, a belt and lotsa and lotsa of chewing gum! enuff to last me abt 5 days i think and those durian cake thingys. Would have spent more but didn’t bri8ng much money in… also ate at sushi king. Oh and william and i tailgated this cute girl in a dress like rabid fanboys…but she was really cute and feminine!

Sunday – Accompanied Jr to sitex to close the deal with the guy who wants to buy the starhub laptop that comes with the maxonline bundle. He wants to sell the laptop to get an ipod nano, and at the same time pass me samurai champloo. So there we were waiting in line when Jr hits a snag – he doesn’t noe whether he has a cable point at home or not. And hes gonna shift to a new house in a few months time which means he might not have a cable point there. After jumping out of the queue and jumping back in, pestering many flustered salegirls to check his cable signal and finally reaching the counter…the salegirl tells him that soem ppl in punggol have been waiting up till a month w/o any signal. And they couldn’t cancel their contract. So Jr decided to pull out and deliver the bad news to the guy. Barely 10 mins later he gets a call from starhub customer relations that assures him that the new flat will have a cable point and an activated signal, at which we try to contact the guy again, only to find that he has confirmed with someone else already! After which, xian and tired(but not hungry, cos i make jr lend me money to get a burger) we make out way home and on the bus… jr pulls out the ipod nano skin which he bought in anticipation, and lo and behold the guy sitting next to us asks us whether we are looking for an ipod nano….

So bottom line- jr gets his ipod nano, i wasted my sunday morning, but hey – at least i get a burger and samurai champloo.

Army boys’s nights out

Merger with 3DSMB – Discuss.

B: Since its national-all-lazy-bloggers-make-a-post-week ginji-kun will now make a brief reappearance to discuss something thats close to our hearts. He will also attempt to justify the salary that hes drawing when konno and I have been doing all the work, falling in which he will be terminated….


B:errr…i meant job will be terminated. hehe sorry about that. Freudian slip.


G:ermmm…right. Ok lets get the ball rolling started shall we..

See olde friends again… GOOD
See Phua again….BAD
Have another section stationed at our camp ….GOOD.
Have that section do nothing except sit in our recreation room and play risk while we dismantle radiator…………BAD
We get a bigger recreation room…..GOOD
With no tv, dvd player, projector AND which might be taken up by section ICs? .. VERY BAD
We get to stay out everyday!!!!! VERY GOOD
I live in Marine Parade ….BAD
Say bye bye to OPS Gong Gong and Robot…. GOOD
Say hello to “what do you think” Maj Socrates and Ah boon…BAD
No need to go down to Ayer Rajah for life activities ….. GOOD
Need to go down to Boon Lay for life activities …. STILL UNDECIDED. MIGHT BE BAD…

CONCLUSION: I don’t noe! Give me some more time to see m’kay? Can I go now?

B:In the next edition: The-million-dollar-question….will he touch that layout? he’d better

Merger with 3DSMB – Discuss.

Brief Report on Statement of Accounts (Consolidated) for the Third Quarter FY 2005

Apparetly they didn’t consider their present situation “carefully” enough….because after paying back the mortgage loan, plus the sum that remains locked in my mother’s cpf account… it has become somewhat apparent that the money my father can take out is pathetic, pitiful and not worth mentioning. Sorry to disappoint you Mr. Agent.

So now they are still holding out for 3 months to pass before they can put that lovely signature of theirs to the piece of paper that says “lease extended” and then hoodwink some sucker(because suckers are born every minute!) into renting that sad excuse of a stall. What dipshits.

I’m now convinced that the only way to for them to realise their sorry state of affairs is if i stop giving them bailout money(which they used to buy 20 packets of instant pasta and lots of cartons of brands essences of chicken among other useless items) and just leave them cold turkey for a while. It’ll certainly be very ugly, but hey if they want to play this game i can certainly play along. I noticed that they have paid for the shops utilities bill this month but not the house utitlites…do they expect us to pay it this time around again? hmmm…

For those of your all who share warm, wonderful, caring and loving relationships, with your parents, well by all means please continue to do so. Just don’t expect me to. I’m still trying to remember if i ever did.


Brief Report on Statement of Accounts (Consolidated) for the Third Quarter FY 2005

Gah this week was really one of those weeks where …

Gah this week was really one of those weeks where you wonder where it went too..

and as off today i have 0 days off and o days leave 0_o…and i didn’t even take anyway during last week!! Which means i supposedly only have tues and thursday free..but i dun remember what i did! Oh gawd i’m too young to have alzheimer….

and its official i’m now so poor..that i can’t go out because i can’t afford the bus fare!

…and as a matter of personal emergency and at the expense of my own pride had to ask my mother for money and go through another one of her lectures just so that i could show face to my superior by attending his birthday celebration at marina square…at least i didn’t have to buy him a present….

november 10 never looked so far away…

Gah this week was really one of those weeks where …