The motherload of all mothers centers around my wo…

The motherload of all mothers centers around my workplace. Mothers of all ages everywhere i turn they are discussing recipes….talking about their kids planning their year end holidays sharing food they make…then they start calling me “xiaodi” and “ah boy” and i go hmmm….what the hell their grandchildren are probably older then i bear with it for a while…

The motherload of all mothers centers around my wo…


Huh. Hasn’t been that long and i’m bored already. Decided to take a break after ORD to clear backlog of movies and stuff, reorganise my things. Worked for 2 weeks beforehand to boost my cash bank a little, purely illegal. In the meantime while packing, i received a brand new computer table which is now sitting snugly in a corner. Finally my keyboard isn’t on my lap.

Impressions of some movies i watched :

Chronicles of Narnia: Ugliest kids ever. 2/10
Signs: Lame-O ending. 7/10
Sixth Sense: V.Good 9/10
Team America: KIM-CHI! -2 for disgusting sex scene 6/10
My Sassy Girl: Needs nudity from Jun Ji-hyun 9/10
Last Samurai: American Guy teaches Japanese Samurai how to fight. Right. 6/10
SharkskinMan and Peach Hip Girl: Quirky Arty Low Budget Film. Nice Dialogue though. 8/10

Signed up with this agency recruit express. Looks like they are the go to people for admin/clerical jobs. Sitting tight while they send me for interviews and stuff. So far 3 days and no success. Played Ninja Gaiden Black to completion..don’t think i have the heart or the strength to try hard or very hard mode. Also levelling an ally mage on server barthilas till level 60 and beyond.

I need another goal 😦 . A longer term goal so that my days don’t seem like i’m bumming thru them. With army, every day seemed to have a meaning because every passed day meant a day closer to release from bondage and melodrama and shit, but now i’m stranded in no man’s land. Every passed day is just a wasted day where i don’t earn income, because whether i do anything or not the end result will be the same, i’ll go into university next year. Thats not a goal its just a period in time where i’m scheduled to be doing something.

Basically i need a job fast or i’ll go crazy.