i hate it i hate it i hate it… i hate how my wr…

i hate it i hate it i hate it…

i hate how my writing has gone down the drain…

i hate how i can’t recognise complex words

i hate how my writing comes out in spurts instead of flowing like the free spirited beast it once was.

And most of all i hate how cheesy it has become.

i hate it i hate it i hate it… i hate how my wr…

So yesterday i watched "An Inconvenient truth".. …

So yesterday i watched “An Inconvenient truth”..

I know i’m a little way behind the rest of the developed world…hey i couldn’t download much with stupid WoW running in the background okay.

Is it sick of me to find this film thats based on a slideshow on climate change..the most touching film i have seen in the past year? there’s something wrong right?

and yet i couldn’t help but feel for this man who spent the better part of his life on a one man crusade to save the environment by giving the same presentation a thousand times over…this ex vice-president who lost his one good chance to steer the world clear of disaster when he lost to the hick that is the current U.S president..i mean this film is really really sad

Also watched “Borat”. which quite frankly was a little dissapointing. Now this “borat” fella.. his modus operandi (sp?) is to appear as a boorish and crude foreign reporter, goad his unsuspecting “interviewee” into making comments that they wouldn’t have said in any other circumstance. thus revealing their true bigoted/racist/prejudiced self. At least thats what he does on the Ali G show…

but in this film…the majority of reactions are well…normal. I mean the people on this film handled it pretty well. most of the humour comes from sascha acting like a dick. which quite frankly makes it no different from any film starring jack black. Except its supposedly “real”. (some scenes were staged) i mean come on america is the land of white supremacists, religious fanatics, scientologists and bush …and all the best you could do was interview drunk frat boys and feminists? And they couldn’t even say anything funny…

Its still worth a watch. Not worth money though ..not at that length..

Stil have A Scanner Darkly and March of the Penguins. hmm .. *glomps*

So yesterday i watched "An Inconvenient truth".. …

went to Boon Kian’s 21st birthday "gathering" (he …

went to Boon Kian’s 21st birthday “gathering” (he doesn’t want to call it a party) on sunday. The place was swarmed with people…we had to go in batches to take a photo with the birthday boy and the cake. There was easily 80 people there i believe.. Most i never met before..some i haven’t seen in 5 years. My social capacity can only take so much…

saw Her there. She still hasn’t realised that shes actually secretly deeply in love with me. I’m getting impatient… *tap* *tap* Secondary school…sigh ..fun stuff. Miss it sometimes.

hmm lots of time to plan for my 21st birthday

some short and fat woman grinded me with her fat boobs on the bus today. go away fat people i don’t like yous all.

went to Boon Kian’s 21st birthday "gathering" (he …

I came across this photoshop technique today that’…

I came across this photoshop technique today that’s fucking easy to duplicate…and produces great results. Works best on raw portrait pictures with high detail and good lighting.

This is a picture i chose to work(in the loosest sense of the work) on a high definition mag scan of a natalie portman photoshoot.

The next photo is after 1 min of editing.

How to do this trick? You start off with a picture in photoshop, duplicate the background layer.

On this 2nd layer you apply a gaussian blur. The amount that needs to be applied relies on the amount of detail. ideally it should be around 10-20. Any more and the effect becomes overly magnified.You should still be able make out the general outline of the object. Go to blending options on the second layer and select overlay. voila.

Other generally good modes to try out include solf light. Which replicates the mood of a 90’s soap drama. Like Days Of Our Lifes or something. Hard light is well..harsh. Vivid light gives the feel of an acid trip. So in my opinion overlay is stil best 🙂

I replicated this on a photography of the recent s1a board games outing. source image is very good coming from a 3 megapixel camera that wasn’t my own 🙂 its a tad…bland though.


I came across this photoshop technique today that’…

So i was on autopilot in the office as usual (be g…

So i was on autopilot in the office as usual (be glad i don’t handle important stuff) when i spot something wierd. Not sure what to make of it in my self-induced dream state i took pictures 🙂

Hmm this warrants a closer shot…..you can just make out something…

Hmm almost there just needs a bit of fine-tuning….the edges need to be sharpened a bit, clear off abit of the grain…

IS THAT YOU JESUS?????????????????????????????????????????????

Beh. I need a job that doesn’t make me feel like i’m geting butt-raped each day

And the HAIR is giving me problems it won’t grow as i tell it to. It gets in my ears pokes my eye…just be patient a while longer my preciousss.

So i was on autopilot in the office as usual (be g…

End of an era

On January 10 2007..i ended my love affair with the game known as World Of Warcrack

It was only a question of when i was gonna quit..i had planned on quitting when uni started, but having to buy the new expansion, and train to lvl 70 again to experience “end-game again”…just didnt’ make sense to me.

Why i loved the game

I picked up the game at a low point in my life. I had already resigned myself to seeing my 2 years of army life as a craptacular waste of time. Silly i know. Many people have done a lot more with much lesser. I wasn’t that kinda person though. So i thought i could fill it up with something fun.

And fun it was. Much has been said about how addictive the game is, i guess i don’t need to elaborate further. Morever I had the joy of being inducted in a guild with clearly defined goals, a clear sense of direction of where it was headed and a great group of people to play with. I was made the druid honcho, they didn’t have a choice really LOL. Quickly we became the horde side PVP guild to beat all the way to level 60…but then being one of the younger and more outgeared guilds we switched quickly to PVE. We surpassed guilds that had been there for far longer..and in the long run we proved that we were the strongest guild to emerge, sticking together relatively drama free while other guilds crashed/burned/merged. And we did it while having fun. But all that accomplisment came at a price.

Why i’m quitting.

I came to the realisation that every hour i put into these little avatars, these little offshoots of mine, accomplishing their goals and objectives, was one less hour for me to achieve my own goals and objectives for the real life living and breathing me.

These pictures illustrate the amount of time i put into 2 of my most played characters, Kiliah and Konno. Total time played 54 day 13 hours. not counting the time spent also on misc characters. Thats not 54 days including sleeping like in your regular day thats 54 days purely spent in front of the computer. Thats slightly over 1300 hours. Pretty sure entire diplomas have been build around the same amout of time in coursework.
So thats it i guess. Time to move forward. On to bigger and better things.
End of an era

Then he spontaneously reaches out to stroke a furr…

Then he spontaneously reaches out to stroke a furry pink cat sewn on my blouse
and exclaims in sing-song, dulcet tones which have a hint of a British accent
about them: ‘Oh, you’ve got a little kitty, how cute!’

The two-hour
interview with him is a somewhat bizarre combination of making small talk with a
gracious society hostess over tea, swapping gossip with a girlfriend and
attending like an office-girl to a snobby boss.

The last comes about
when, at one point during our chat, he asks dramatically – like a woman fighting
back collapse – for water because ‘Oh, Clah-rah, I’m so very thirsty’.

– guess who. An absolute 10 on the gaydar meter! A true example of nuture vs nature…poor kid read Chinese fashion novels and his mother’s Her World magazines. HER WORLD!!!

Then he spontaneously reaches out to stroke a furr…