Lookey what i found! ROARRR! tk you may winnar t…

Lookey what i found!


tk you may winnar the intarweb…but i am just mind blowing-ly fucking awesome.

So my replacement came in, shes been here for a while actually. I feel damm sad for her really…27 and juggling 6 dollar an hour temp jobs. And she has a degree in chemical engineering!

that being said there are a lot of sad things in my life…so i think i’m just gonna go curl up in a fetal postion and cry for 2 days.

Lookey what i found! ROARRR! tk you may winnar t…

Due to some oversight on my part i have just been …

Due to some oversight on my part i have just been prematurely retrenched. By 2 whole days! Aww..thats like a hundred dollars gone.

They say you won’t know how to treasure what you lost till you lose it. And in a way i have been so busy with overtime and extra jobs and lessons that the prospect of two whole days offs…i gladly welcome with outstretched arms. Of course if it stretches itself into next week..hmm not so good.

Watched The Departed over the weekend and on a whim decided to download Infernal Affairs to watch again. Same weekend that The Departed won Oscars for. Undoubtedly its a good movie..but it is a remake. So whats the deal with the honours eh? Whats more…its a scene by scene remake of an already good movie…imo the better one. Thats like giving song of the year to a cover…

Due to some oversight on my part i have just been …

Ah fuck sorry for dissappearing fron the radar for…

Ah fuck sorry for dissappearing fron the radar for so long…

well the first fruits of my labour have come in…800 in 2 weeks…not bad hehe. 300 will no doubt dissappear under dubious circumstances but i’ll make do with 500 🙂 so thats like 3 months to bracers?

ah yes.. CNY. Now lets make one thing clear…I don’t consider myself chinese. not that i’m a bigot or against my own race or anything..but its hard to consider yourself chinese when you aren’t familiar with its customs, traditions, history or language. And i suspect my family feels the same way. So we make do with our own adapted version. Our reunion dinner this year was a seafood bbq with stale seafood 🙂 Past years we had steamboat and teppanyaki.

When it comes to visiting our family is “that anti-social kid”. We visit only immediate relatives and stop there. And we go about doing that in 60’s inspired garb. I predict when my generation takes over the tan family…we might stop visiting all together 🙂

Zouk was a real killer, worked 4 days thruout the cny weekend. My throat is gone…so too are my lungs i think. So glad for the break now…Got a nice 40 dollar angpow bonus from the company though and tips came in so .. ka-ching 🙂 DJs over the weekend FATMAN SNOOP who came late…spun for an hour…then dissappeared. What was really good though was Agnelli & Nelson who dropped by on monday…really good trance music. Attracted a fair bit of ravers with lightsticks. Too bad the crowd wasn’t up to par.

JAP Lessons have started but i’m having a bit’ol difficulty finding time to study but i really think thats just an excuse because if i stop watching so many damm movies and english dramas i’ll have more than enough time.

Ah fuck sorry for dissappearing fron the radar for…

Zouk. For what its worth…its still just a compa…


For what its worth…its still just a company looking to make the bottom line work.

It worries when theres a less than capacity crowd. It worries when new clubs open.

It struggles to find employment. It loses people on a daily basis and has to resort to recruiting noobs like me.

Its not a very fun place to work. When the crowd is thin…you breathe a sigh of relief..cos all you have to do is pick up after the stoners. You get to take a good look at the pretty people.

But when things get rough as they tend to do sometimes…things can get screwy.

One of those days was yesterday. voided two receipts..gave the bottle card back to the customer. very sad.

FNB doesn’t come to me naturally. I’m the kinda guy who sees a candle nearly going out..blows the old one out…takes out a new candle..realises hes should have lit the new one with the flame of the old one…lits the new one anyway…and then proceeds to do the same thing at the next table. Now why can’t the neurological pathways that do that run along the same ones that allow me to analyse overarching concepts with exacting detail.

Bah i think i just need practice.

Sometimes the people make it worthwhile. There were these 2 girls who appeared while i was doing baggage. Lights were very bright..could see they were def very pretty. Started talking to each other in a language i couldn’t understand…but i caught jap like syllables. “nihon-jin?” i ventured. “Nono..korean.” “Arrasou” Heart skipped a beat. Made my day hmmm..baggage and korean girls..def one of the better days.

Will talk about the people someday. Save it for a rainy day. Too many to talk about. Since i’m already on the topic of beautiful girls though…

Its a rare one that makes you look twice once your inside. The smoke and fog, the darkness..everyone looks pretty much the same. Once in a blue moon though.. a girl walks by that catches all the guys attention. tall..model type, conventionally pretty. Looks like no one can touch her…(by the end of the evening though usually a lot do). Why do i make special mention of them even though they are so conventionally beautiful? Cos its one thing to see them on tv..its another thing to see them in person. And i can honestly say in my limited experience..i have never seen them such upclose before. They must keep them in some warehouse during the day.

Zouk. For what its worth…its still just a compa…

Verbal diarrohea(sp?). Get ready for it. So for a…

Verbal diarrohea(sp?). Get ready for it.

So for anyone who doesn’t know yet i have picked up a job at zouk. And i have also been working OT for the past 2 weeks. In that time i have clocked a grand total of 141 hours of work. Which should bring me a big fat cash hongbao of 900+. Haven’t deducted cpf yet. god i hate cpf. I mean its completely useless for a person who wants to commit suicide before hes 60. Its discriminating against me! More on zouk later.

I’m doing this purely for the money. Now i know what your thinking…money does not gurantee you happiness. I think thats a load of hogwash designed by the bourgeoisie elites to keep the proletariat happy. I haven’t met one single rich guy who wasn’t well adjusted. If you have money…you certainly, absolutely have one less thing to worry about. No? Kinda understand how girls go straight for the rich expats/old men. Seems so fucking easy than dealing with all this shit. Hell just fake a few orgasms till the fucker croaks..or better still nail him with the pre-nup.

Simmering tensions in the house erupted again. I think it all started when my mom didn’t like my new job. not that i particularly care though. for some reason the shop came up again only thing is there has been a new development. My dad has realised the futility of working in a shop that can’t pay its own bills. (ok to be fair theres a bit of house expenses in there). My mother on the other hand is “convinced” that the time is not right to give it up yet. I have been waiting for 4 years.

She seems convinced a miracle will happen. She says god says its not the time yet. Now i always had a healthy respect for god. I’m not a pure atheist. Because i can’t prove that god doesn’t exist. And those people who think they in their limited capacity of mind know absolutely better….are fools. The only truth is what you believe in. But for what you have done to my mother..pseudo being that you are. I denounce you. Thats like the most cardinal of cardinal sins. I refuse to acknowledge your presence cause you have reduced my mother to a mere pittance…a desperate person who can’t form opinions for herself. There goes my salvation.

Now you may think this reaction extreme. think that i’m still far from the cliff. i’m not begging for money on the streets yet. And if you go to my house you will see that i have 2 computers, 2 tvs, 2 fridges. except for the fridges though..none of them have been bought in the last 5 years. The 2 computers, one is from the starhub tie-in from a year ago, the other from the PREV one 3 years ago. The big tv is spoilt. So is the heater. The fridge is chock full of preparatory ingredients. Sometimes you can find milk. Lots of drinks though. Instant stuff like hash browns. Hard pressed to find anything else (like MEAT). I have no idea how to pay for my education other than taking a big fat loan. My parents cpf is depleted(naturally seeing as to how they are self-employed) and theres still 10 years on the mortgage.

The cliff doesn’t look too far for me.

Certainly i believe there are so many things that money can buy. Thats why i work as hard as i do. And i can always rest in UNI. Not stupid though..looking to upgrade my day job to something higher paying. People keep saying they want to quit their job even though its much better paying because its stressful. I eat stress for dinner. You will be surprised how much you can take.

Verbal diarrohea(sp?). Get ready for it. So for a…