please for god sakes if you can only afford to mak…

please for god sakes if you can only afford to make minimum payments on your 6k credit balance…don’t try to put that plasma tv on installment. or go for that holiday. or do one of the many things that can potentially screw you up.

if i had any semblance of moral authority i would refuse half of the transactions i just approved today because i fore see that a few years down the road…this guy that has been making miniumum gonna find himself so broke he won’t be able to eat and then your gonna have to sue his pants off to recover the debt. but nooo the bank wants to earn money …so yes sir we will improve you temporary increase in credit limit just make sure to keep sending money to us mmkay??

used right a credit card is a very powerful tool..just ask any one of the bank staff who use their cards with due diligence. they know where the bank makes money from and they won’t let it earn it.

so boys and girls leasson learned always pay off your current balance, don’t revolve debt and make payment by the due date to avoid late charges. or else your gonna make Mr Wee a very happy (and rich) man.

please for god sakes if you can only afford to mak…

blog on hiatus for a while. this needs to be said…

blog on hiatus for a while.

this needs to be said so that over the next week or so i’ll post a metric buttload of posts. otherwise i won’t move my lazy ass 15 inches from the tv.

i have a new job that starts monday with what seems to be genuinely nice colleagues. You know…those my AGE. New job new environment. New grievances.

Getting the hang of working in zouk. I even know enough to recommend some drinks.

Those looking for a high

Flaming Lamborginni (sp?) – a layered drink with base kahlua, gallantino and a layer of brandy on top. The brandy is set on fire and the drink is sipped with a straw to avoid burning your lips. When its nearly finished the flames are doused with milk. Be warned takes a while to take effect
during this time customers like to make the mistake of ordering another one thinking it isn’t strong. IT IS STRONG.

Sambuca – This comes in a shot which can be drunk in several different way. Tastes like peppermint liquer. The shot is poured into the mouth upon which the drinker gurgles it for a while, then his buddy lights it up while the liquer is still in his mouth. Not very strong…but it has to be tried once. The other method is similar to flaming lambo…but no milk.

Graveyard – A concoction of 6 types of alcohol. With guiness stout. Guranteed to send you to the grave. Haven’t tried yet 🙂

Lady’s Drinks

Pussyfoot – Fruit punch with milk. Yummy. Non-alcholic

Bailey’s Cream with anything – Baileys is a type of coffee liquer thats very sweet. Goes esp well with milk.

Drinks you can’t go wrong with

Vodka with anything – Vodka is colorless odorless and supposedly tasteless. So if you mix it with lets say ribena…it will just taste like alcholic ribena. No nasty aftertaste. No unwanted side effects. Esp popular vodka orange. Also known as “screwdriver”

Sex on the beach – nuff said

Lychee martini – boringg.

I have also done my finances and have calculated that i can’t afford a dorm. On the other i can afford a lot of other things 🙂

edit: Its a freaking butt plug.

blog on hiatus for a while. this needs to be said…

Changed my blog title cos it absolutely the state …

Changed my blog title cos it absolutely the state of mind i’m in right now.


And of course the obligatory theme song of the day.

Had my first lesbian theme night at zouk. It was quite fierce really. They had this runway show with a couple of models in lingerie (ever had those moments where your looking at a word and it looks funny? Like the spelling is off? Well lingerie is looking funny to me right now…) spanking each other with dildos. and then i was shuffled off to inside baggage with only the stadium to look at. What a boor.

Some couples looked really sweet though. Not sweet as in hot but like they looked really cute and happy together. Huh i guess its all about finding the person who fits you.

But the thing that triggered this bittersweet spell isn’t actually girls kissing girls..but nostalgia. nostalgia’s a real bitch you know that. Words can’t describe the technicolor experience that has been playing in my head. So just play the damm song and think of the things that make you sad and lonely.

Changed my blog title cos it absolutely the state …

Eh i love post CNY – sales… picked up 2 shirts a…

Eh i love post CNY – sales… picked up 2 shirts and a jacket from S n K for 35 such a steal..also splurged on marks and spencer candy and i got my ears pierced! so this is how it feels like to be penetrated…painful.

Job hunt didn’t turn out so well today…didn’t get a good vibe from the interviewers. One of them gave me this look when i told her i wanted at least 6.50 an hour. Can almost imagine her saying (you look like more of a 6 to me). Why can my frens get 7 and not me???? The proof is in the pudding I technically have 4 agents scouring jobs for me and so far no calls. bleh.

That leaves me with more time to watch movies than i can shake a stick at. Watched Last King of Scotland, Shortbus, Casino Royale. And all i can feel like saying is..they are all very good.

Sometimes though it feels like i’m living my life vicariously through them (them in this case extending to music/games/visual enternainment). feels like i’m looking from the outside at all these people with like these broad range of emotions and experiences that i can only try to grasp at. What makes me different from an average soap opera fan hmm? Or for that matter what makes you different hmm? if we are but content to stay within our narrow scope of vision we’ll have nary anything to call our our life as a composite shadow of others.

I don’t have the strength to do what i believe must be done.never have. someday i hope that will change though. and when that day comes my bags wil be packed.

Eh i love post CNY – sales… picked up 2 shirts a…