Cors, Modules, Timetable, Email and What Have You Not.

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Cors, Modules, Timetable, Email and What Have You Not.

NUS gripes and complains


Too much information is flying everywhere leaving lots of students very confused. For example to preregister for admission they sent a hardcopy letter with this link

That was case sensitive.

Wouldn’t a simple suffice? (ok¬†i admit it i had several problems with abovementioned address ok!)

but other than that NUS is also one instituition that will benefit greatly from an SOE – standard operating enviroment. or at least a god damm portal.

NUS gripes and complains

on NUS

if this past month has indicated anything to me. its that i have taken lots of things for granted in the past

maybe i had a rose-tinted view of what NUS would be like. maybe i had forseen myself on some level connecting better with the people around me?

but i guess we all make do with what we have. i’m not sure how long i can keep it up though…

on NUS

its raining its pouring

shawn is snoring

vodka went to his head
And he went to bed
And he couldn’t get up in the morning.

And i don’t want to get up in the afternoon too…its cold outside and i’m so warm and comfy with my big fat¬†bolster and my imaginary blankie.

anyay slight recap. cos even though no one might like to read about my boring life ….i do. and its my diary. mwahaha

sunday had a chalet at pasir ris with the old zouk staff. was a little apprehensive about going, but i realised that once i was there, it was all good fun =P ate lots of barbecued crabs, drank a tad too much, danced like a fool, slept like a pig. threw diana into the water and she threw a hissy fit. and in the morning for clearing up i was awarded with half a bottle of Absolute Vodka Ruby Red. And several bottles of beer which i absolutely detest. And for a second there i thought hmm it might be fun to go back to Zouk. thank god i realised my folly almost immediately.


I’m shnoot drunkssh! *hic* Ish cans shee streight!


i had an orgasm right here.

monday i had jap lessons …and u know how well that turned out ūüôā

tuesday had kbox with the UOB ppl…and i must say i really enjoy these sessions. everybody knows how to sing at least and they aren’t shy to take the mic away from you.¬†¬†

wednesday had lunch with the psych camp people at pseudo-marche-heeren-village. And like the cheap skates we all are, we had the 9.90 set lunch…in spite of the sumptous spread that was in front of us. Which came with a miserable piece of bone filled salmon fillet, non-butter rice and some mango juice and some wierd puree hybrid. which tastes as good as it sounds. and then we sat there shooting choon lee¬†the one¬†senior who came CORS questions! haha i wonder what’d we do without him…after that went minds to play and met jaden who was that with his Rovers OG.

Thursday went to some¬†place in chinatown to sing KTV. I was tempted to say lock cock place, but when we arrived there, i realised to my surprise, that for $10 a head, you get to sing for 5 hours, get free flow tidbits and drinks, and get a bowl of sharksfin at the end of the session. I think the UOB sessions really helped me, cos i turned out to know the songs better than¬†some ppl there (who didn’t sing! *looks accusingly*). Haha but at least i got my $10 dollars worth and more. Definitely fun stuff. After that was asked to go for steamboat, but being the poor sods that we were,¬†sarah and I sneaked away together with michelle who was going to a funeral.


Me and my gay buddy Ser Kheng



group shots


Fugitives: Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows. “Sara” Tancredi

And then at night against my better judgement I decided to go to MOS. because i was offered free tickets to MOS and i haven’t been there before…and its free tickets! even though¬† i was thinking to myself (ok i was told by someone) there’s drinks and cab fare to be paid.¬†And truth be told i kinda miss nightlife a little. Although on arrival i realised exactly why i left in the first place. Nightlife both repulses and attracts me¬†because without friends, its a disgusting, sleazy and seedy place. You really do need friends to have a good night out. And i’m not talking friends where u say hi and bye to , who come to your table to steal drinks. I’m talking friends who outside of da nightclub, you’ll have something more akin to a meaningful relationship.¬†The facilities themselves didn’t dissapoint (facilities, what a strange word to use, like amenities), the music was good (RnB and Hip Hop though personally i prefer Hard Trance) but the experience was so bad that i left slightly after midnight to crash Yup Heng’s place. Oh well another day perhaps.

Rain, rain, go away;
Come again another day;
Little Shawnie wants to play.

its raining its pouring

and so we’ll snuggle like baby otters

i don’t know how we got this way.

And¬†frankly i don’t understand it. we are such different ppl and we didn’t have that instant chemistry at the start but somewhere along the way things changed. and i’m glad for it and¬†i love what we have. that we can be so uninhibited towards each other, i just hope it remains that way. and i’m just happy that you give more than a flying fuck about me.

“we raise our barriers so high¬†that¬†when one is let down¬†we are surprised by what¬†comes through”¬†

you can get as many lovers as u want but u will always have one here old fren.

i’m sure i’ll wake up in the morning feeling sheepishly silly…but i just wanted to capture this while my memory still serves me.

and so we’ll snuggle like baby otters