this bombs.

recess week is almost over…

this bombs.


Just thought that i would share a few memory techniques for those not taking psych 🙂

There are 3 types of memory; sensory, short term and long term. and the one that we are most concerned with is long term memory.Its virtually unlimited and can last for years.

Within long term memory itself there’s dynamic memory and structural memory. Dynamic memory itself requires that the imformation be continually accessed and reactivated; example quoted is that of a play in which you forget your lines a week after the play has ended, even though you recalled it perfectly well the week before. But this dynamic memory can be consolidated after a considerable amount of time, which then becomes a structural change in the brain.Not much you can do to control this process though but with a few tips you can push it in the right direction.

Depth of processing – The greater the number and complexity of processes used to process and encode the information the better the chances of it being retained. Three ways to encode information – appearance, auditory and meaning, in increasing order of memory retention. People learn better when they are faced with material that includes desirable difficulty, as long as the person is motivated enough to expend the extra effort to understand the material. By this information alone , mind maps<mnemonics<understanding what your writing. Although if you can integrate all 3 well that works.

You can better encode information if it is organised and integrated with what you already know. I guess this stacks well with the stick to one major thingy. Also people learn better if they stick to distributed practice rather than mass cramming sessions.

Hope this helps!


someday i’ll wake up where you are

Just had my teeth pulled today what a bitch. Rightly so i predicted i would be out for the whole day and i was; have been alternating between lala land and watching american dramas and movies (heroes s02e01 and prison break s03e01 are out!)

So it all started with me in the dentist chair asking if i wanted 2 teeth or 4 to be pulled out. Why waste another perfectly good day? So i was immediately injected 8 times, 2 times around each tooth with what i guess was novocaine except there was none of that happy dreamy feeling just a general numbness. So this is what botox must feel like. And then after waiting a while she proceeded to pop them one by one. That part was alright i didn’t feel anything. She even let me take them home as a souvenir, which i plan to make a wicked bracelet with.

It was only after i left that the full horror of what has just happened hit me. First i realised the novocaine left me with a jaw slackness that reminded me too much of the Joker. When i touched my lips and chin they felt like marshmallows and putty, that kept me happy for a while. Second there was an insane amount of blood that kept spooling, so much so that i didn’t notice at first when it spilled over onto my clothes in front of the cute nurse (so undignified), spoiling my arts camp t-shirt. I imagine it must have been quite a sight. And i couldn’t spit it out i was supposed to swallow it for at least an hour. I spend the next hour or so with my head tilted back just swallowing all the blood that came out. Luckily i didn’t develop a taste for it as my tongue was lolled back and didn’t come into contact with it.

And oh the pain it felt like i would never end. Once the bleeding stabilised, and i determine d it safe to go to bed (without choking on my own blood), the pain kept me up. Bloody tosser. I stayed like this for half an hour before deciding the time was passing too slowly. I ate half a tub of ice cream which worked for a while but i was worried that the ice cream was keeping the wound from clotting properly since i was still tasting lots of blood. Oh and the painkillers didn’t work i was tempted to pop them all but good sense told me it would pass. So i spend the time watching Cashback, which is a really funny show with Brits, my most favouritest nationality in the world. I admire their midas touch which can make even a bittersweet story about breakup humourous. It tells the story about a guy who lost his one real girlfriend and develops insomnia, which compels him to work in a supermarket to pass time. There he gains the ability to stop time, which he proceeds to use to strip every female shopper in the supermarket and draw them one by one. Not a very bright one this fella, you could do so much more with your powers. Definitely a must watch if you can get your hands on it, but i think it’s theater run in Singapore just passed.
Speaking of supermarkets ever had that experience when you were strolling along in your friendly neighbourhood minimum wage co-op and the haunting strains of a tune come floating by and you scramble for your phone to record down the lyrics? No? Well sucks to be you 🙂 I just came across this gem of a song by Aselin Debison (this was the version i heard in the supermarket). Its a cover of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s medley somewhere over the rainbow/what a wonderful world.

Well thats all for today (“,)

someday i’ll wake up where you are

“that person is special is cOs u Love her

u dun Lov her cos she’s special”

Recognise that font? haha ya its jasmine’s wise words…

I think at first we were on the subject of korean guys and how they were tall and handsome and romantic. And then i asked her how she wanted her bfs to be so i could relay the message to her bf for her and she was like he must be caring and sensitive and gentle and attentive and i was dismissive at first cos i thought che that’s nothing special and she asked me why? And i thought that 1) there was nothing special about that and if theres nothing special about it theres nothing to build a relationship on and 2) if you love someone that should come naturally that same caring gentle and attentive guy won’t be so once someone other comes along. And shes like no not all couples have to have something special and be madly in love. In fact she sees trust commitment and faithfulness as more important than love/passion and she says that at the end of the day you will feel affection for that person because you will think of them as family. And that the passion stage? so overrated *cue bryanboy wave of hand* *shivers*

And she has another view of superficial relationships, that is something which after no feelings are present anymore will break one. I used to think that was true for all relationships? and that a superficial relationship would be one in which you feel nothing except pure lust for your companion?

But i guess that I have just long restricted my view to this romantic idea and its been so long since i looked at it a different way. Is it wistful to yearn for something special? and that’s when she delivered the quote above and i think she’s quite right in that you don’t need to have to look for someone special you can have something special with anybody (ok not anybody must fit character at least la) . But what i have been thinking is along the lines of “i love her cos she’s special and unique and there’s no one like her” and  she’s  like no such person can exist.  its only after u start to love that person that it becomes that way.

There’s other stuff we discussed too like wanting the best for yourself and not settling for less but then its like you can never get what you want and you will just end up comparing everybody u meet to this one person and then u will like this person only because she reminds u of an ex. and  apparently girls are sensitive to that. So its not wise to set someone up as a flagbearer cos it just means that ur whole life is fucked up.

So in conclusion? I think shes very smart. but korean guys are still overrated. tsk


although i should probably stop thinking of it as such my mouth is already salivating from all the stuff i have put off doing.

Things I wanna do:

-play finish odin sphere

-shopping for a new bag

-eat lots of good food

-read some books  (recommendations)

-watch some movies (High School Musical seems nice….lol just kidding!)

And yes before you guys bug me here are the things that i need to do:

-Read readings (ugh)

-Write essays (double ugh)