We are such stuff as dreams are made on

Our revels now are ended. These our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits, and
Are melted into air, into thin air:
And like the baseless fabric of this vision,
The cloud-capp’d tow’rs, the gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve,
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
As dreams are made on; and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.

The Tempest Act 4, scene 1, 148–158
I stand continually in awe of what the tempest is capable of. but now and then it still manages to suprise me; such as when it yields this lithe nugget.

We are such stuff as dreams are made on

Emo geek

Hani says i’m not emo just twisted.

She just hasn’t seen me in my emo state yet i can be very emo when it comes to certain subjects. You just have to give me enough reason to and catch me in the right state of mind.

For example i was caught up yesterday with CCA stuff in school. Didn’t have time to do any work till i came back and when i did, i barely read 10 pages of the tempest (with all its accompanying notes) before i fell asleep. And i woke up in the morning prepared to make my way to school early again to study when i realised i’m actually more productive at home when all along i have been thinking its the other way round. So i’m now at home drafting some stuff to send out.

I spend my day hanging around with various people and spend my night mugging and i wouldn’t have it any other way! I love having lunch with sarah and michelle on tuesdays, and having dinner on mondays and thursday’s with the good looking people, finding people with whom i can talk to under the pretense of studying in school, or just going home together with my Sis. So much so that i end up having to make up for my general lack of studying  at night. In the past there was nothing i would love better than to curl up in bed book in hand, death cab on rewind. Or watch the tv serial flavour of the month episode after episode. Or *gasp* watch anime till late at night. But lately i have found less time, and more importantly less reason for self devotion and i realise that hey i do love people after all 🙂 Love you peeps long time!

Who says that emo-ing can’t be happy? 😉

sidenote: my father is using mocca. i dunno whether to be amazed or frightened.

Emo geek


Just bought radiohead’s new album for 1 Euro, thats like about a canteen meal here 😛  I love the concept pay what you can afford/what you like. Just so you all know the only Radiohead song i like (know) is High and Dry. So not a bad price to pay by my standard. 1 minor gripe though it doesn’t come with any artwork at all, and I’m a sucker for cover art.


Time to facebook

3000 word crisis averted with 24 hour marathon non-sleepover in school. They can accuse me of everything but plagiarism cos that’s 3000 words full of grade A bullshit. And theres like 3 references. The next time i try something like that again, someone please beat me over the head with the remains of what this P.O.S is going to get, and threaten to kill a kitten. Then I’ll listen.

The whole day was sort of surreal for me and if you were on msn last night you would see me sprouting “ululations” of random hate and adulations of love for nameless ppl…did cartwheels when i was bored and hit my leg against a table its throbbing now…started becoming sober in the morning and just started drifting away. There was a section in my report where after i wrote down the respondent’s response, i added ” I think she misread the question”. Also in another section, ” females in singapore are stuck between 2 worlds, a nervous condition if you will” sorry…in-joke for lit fans only.

I slept at like 4 pm and woke up at 6am. love my circadian rhythm. i think i am going to start my day watching meredith. sweet, dreamy, kawaii meredith. sighhh. The actress is like 38, i think i have a MILF complex.

Anyway about the band thing right we are doing band liason for this home music concert beginning of next year…its all good, cos there’s this guy thats in the loop. Apparently the whole underground music scene is like one big cliquish thing. Theres like 3 labels in Singapore which have their own set of groupies, and the bands in each stable are friends with each other, so as long as we grab one from each stable we cover everything cos they’ll exhort their fans to come. And then theres a big 5 that i’m supposed to approach first, to draw the crowd. I believe that as long as you can claim a thousand fans in Singapore your considered sort of mainstream. The rest would be those bands which are really quirky and stuff, music you wouldn’t be caught dead listening to but you really admire their tenacity? Yup thats the plan anyway…

I’ll try to push halloween again in a weeks time haha, people are still very against coming to school in a costume. But think about it its ok if some cool people do it so what about us ne? Why can’t we be the cool people LOL. But its gotta be all out or nothing, the more flamboyant, the more authentic the better…which raises the question of moneeyyy

someone remind me to talk about different types of love someday

Time to facebook

so dead

My immaculate planning went wrong somewhere…I’m staring at a 3000 word joint essay due on friday that’s 0 words atm. And theres a 1500 word polSci essay that needs work on too thankfully thats about 1100 words atm.

My first thought was that i have never felt so helpless before in my life. And then i thought what a sad sad life mine must be if my worst crisis is a 3000 word essay. Which really puts stuff into perspective. So i’ll just say that this is my first major stumbling block in Uni. Its almost certain to be a screwup but at least i can claim my little victories.

I wanna join the USP program! The modules they have are so drool worthy. too bad i should have applied at the start instead of now…

Its been a long time since i had a financial update. flat has been confirmed sold and we are moving out end November, parents want me to do a vacation stay in the hostel and beyond while they try to find comfortable accommodations…its all good since i practically stay in school anyways.

Eh what else i’m almost certain to be swamped and fighting the midnight oil through Friday so lay off on all the extra stuff till 12pm FRIDAY. I’ll remind myself to do the same. THEN ITS PARTY TIME.

so dead