irony much?

All these sugary drinks and junk food, pre-exam stress and immobility is making me fat.

I need to diet and exercise.

irony much?

Rousseau is Bullshit

According to Rousseau as long as several men consider themselves a single body, they have but a single will, one which is concerned with their common preservation and general welfare, There are no confused and contradictory interests, the common good is everywhere fully evident and requires only good sense to be perceived. A state governed as such requires but few laws, and as soon as one is needed, the first person to propose it states only what all have already sensed. Concord in assemblies is evidence of the general will predominating, debate and discussion, the evidence of particular interests ascending.

But it’s precisely why there is no best way of doing things, that the general will doesn’t exist. What Rousseau terms the general will is precisely the amalgamation of private interests and the various permutations that exist to fulfill those goals. It can thus be argued that the best interest of the state does not exist and is dictated instead by the will of the majority. It cannot be perceived by common sense, but must be resolved through dialogue where competing interests stake out their claim.

Rousseau claims that the senator whose vote does not agree with the state is saying with his vote :”I think this vote is advantageous to this man or party” but i think its entirely plausible and reasonable that he is saying with his vote :” this is what i think is most advantageous to the state” and to have that vote be different from someone elses.

[EDIT] I have come to understand that this is assuming that people have perfect knowledge and mentat-like reasoning (and by association devoid of emotion) and i know philosophers like to define in absolutes but then again i fail to see how something that falls apart at even the slightest bit of imperfection can theoretically be used to justify entire systems of government.

I’m sorry I’m just wondering why we are still studying this man’s ideas.

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Rousseau is Bullshit

Overheard at the airport

Me: “Kt, tell me how to get a GF…”

Uber-l33t KT : “Errm…study harder?”

Jaden: ” I think i’ve been very productive today.”

Me: “Your sense of productivity is fucked up.”

Also….a shot of the sparkling new Terminal 3…its all shiny and glossy! You can see through right through to the end (somewhat. Theres also a lot of butterfly-shaped sunlight reflectors/diffusers hanging from the ceiling that don’t look particularly well secured, theres just a thin rod hanging through each and they look damm fragile. Just waiting for one of them to fall one day…

Also this is the saddest thing i have watched for like the longest time. Please don’t tell me its fake or whatever cos i don’t want to hear it! This assumes you my faithful readers have some knowledge of a Role Playing Game’s mail system. And a heart.

Hitting Vanilla Sky – Umbrella

Overheard at the airport

If you fall, I’ll catch you, I’ll be waiting

I’m lashing out again but I’m trying my best to control it. So please dun tell me I’m stupid/incompetent/any combination of negative adjectives because your just making me feel something of which I’m already keenly aware of. I need support right now not admonition, laughter not ridicule.

I think i’m feeling keenly for the first time just how much NUS is a tabula rasa for me…and that word means so much to me in different ways. I’m not starting out entirely from scratch, but it feels like a different experience all together, a good one, and i wanna make the most out of it. But at times i feel like its threatening to return to the state of old, and i want so badly for things not to, and i think i deserve at least that.

Exam wise, i feel like I’m scraping the top of the jar. Everyday I’m spreading jam with bread, but the jam is always never gonna finish, so i buy more bread to spread but its never enough, and sometimes i spread it too thick and its too sweet and it makes me sick. And i look at the jar and think why i didn’t eat jam with bread before why now? Is it cos i don’t like jam with bread, perhaps i prefer butter instead? And all the while the expiry date is nearing and the jar’s still half full…

Someday I’ll talk about remixes and old songs, which is my current obsession now…

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If you fall, I’ll catch you, I’ll be waiting

i know who i want to take me home

Thanks to all who accompanied me over the weekend. Much love to shen, renhui and wan xin.

If anybody wants I’m available for overnight booking the whole of next 2 weeks. I charge an hourly fee (i except payment in cans of coffee too), promise to be a good study partner, won’t disturb you (too much) and when the nights get really draggy, i promise to make general comments about the suckiness of life that have no relevance to the exams whatsoever. And after we that we can get back straight to studying. Works like a charm all the time.

If you have on campus accommodation i may even charge you cheap 🙂

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i know who i want to take me home