I love christmas at the house 😛

Its s0 non-committal. Presents are thrown to each other with no wrapping on while people are dressing up to go to church/outings/their own stuff. Parents get the standard stuff ice cream and chocolates while bro gets candy (if he’s been a good b0y) Sisters get various accessories. Guess we know each other well enough to not waste too much effort 🙂

Unlike my present from wanwei and jingfeng which came in a box with scented stars. My first eva for this season which was a 5 legged octipi soft plush and a glittery t-shirt! People dun seem to wanna buy soft toys for guys but hey I love them!

And a christmas song to round it off

Prestasis and Timbre

Had a promotional gig for Stasis, our concert promoting local music acts on Friday at the Arts House, Earshot Cafe. The music was rocking solid, but pity the turnout was poor. Local music really needs a bigger push here in Singapore. To say that tickets are moving slowly is a bit of an understatement, but hopefully its just a reflection of the typical Singapore procrastination mentality. A really great band called Sidd and His Self Esteem performed and they were just incredibly polished for a band that just started for 4 months. I like their first single Occupation which u can listen to in their audio player.

Met up with UOB crew on Saturday to see Daniel perform and have an impromptu get together. Sometimes i think people like to throw money at the wrong places. Here was 20-30 odd event promoters, stationed at a tentage in the middle of Esplanade park, looking on at Daniel’s performance with nary a visitor in sight. They were paid to promote some combat skirmish event with infra red laser guns, but well the location was quite bad for one (everybody’s in the shopping malls people). Ah well we had a blast playing last man standing and counterstrike 😛

Went to eat at Pasta De Waraku after that. Omg the food’s so good that i can never imagine eating traditional italian pasta again. Seriously it just pales in comparison after u smelt the miso based wafu sauce. I had the little neck clam with creamy wafu, which was disconcertingly less creamy than i expected, but still every bit worth the wait.

Then it was down to Timbre for a “christmas party” with the NPCC people. Played the “I have never …” drinking game. Might haf revealed more than i was comfortable with under the influence but hey i guess that’s where the fun’s at right? I guess it doesn’t matter anymore since its been like what 5 years? gosh i feel old already haha. Anyway we stayed back to listen to the band play and OMG I LOVE THE MUSIC THERE. I have been to timbre once or twice but never stayed long enough to listen to the bands play. BUT OMG I LOVE THE MUSIC THERE. Goodfellas came on and played a full set and I recognised all the songs save one. There was Timbaland and One Republic’s – Apologise and Stereophonics – Dakota, both songs which i love to bits. They also covered Goo Goo Dolls, Pearl Jam, Vertical Horizon and Jason Mraz. OK its now up on my go-to place to chill.

I’m more open minded about trying stuff than my appearance belies. I’m willing to try most stuff but what matters most for me is the company i guess. So for instance if u wanna go to Zouk

Dislike of (Repetitive music + Seriously Overpriced Drinks + Less Elbow Room than a Japanese Bullet Train at Rush Hour)  + Like Of (Lame ass Jokes + Gratuitious Ribing + Much Emo-ness)= Go/Don’t Go

well it goes something like that anyway.

Prestasis and Timbre

meri kurismas

I always thought the aim of a birthday party was to spend time with the birthday girl, but countless birthday parties have taught me that it usually isn’t much more than a get together for various clubs/gangs…

so i was sad to see people start making plans long before the clock struck nine. and to see the people leaving straight after the cake was cut, a mad dash to avoid the traffic jam, the queues to say the perfunctory goodbyes.

Caleb and Nick and I stayed back to accompany the birthday girl. Hit back 6-7 shots while listening to Aerosmith classics. Listened to her multitalented “family fren” remix some christmas carols on the piano while we sang along and then his driving partner belt out “Have i told you lately that i love you” like a bona fide lounge singer.

Then we shared in the pride of seeing the Lee’s girls performances at ChildAid 2007. Tried searching for it on youtube but no dice. Watched videos of them skiing and snowboarding in Switzerland. Such a fun loving family, boisterous and uninhibited.

Btw as to what happened to all the extra food, i had to tao pao the bo bo cha cha and the char kway teow 🙂

Happy belated birthday trish..

meri kurismas

give me diamonds not love

Errp. I think i’m close to maxing my credit card with all the shopping and the pigging and the entertaining i have done.

But christmas shopping was good and i did enjoy buying every one of these presents and if you get one of them either

1) you are planning to buy something for me

2) i care about you enough to not expect anything in return.  (so as not to make u feel guilty jaden no i didn’t buy u any 🙂 )

Second thing i realise i really do prefer buying presents individually. Not individually as in alone but like in having one present for one person, from one person. The idea of pooling cash to get sth good that will cost a lot sounds great in concept, but it usually degenerates into idiocracy of the masses. Flushed with cash we dump it all on something thats usually of zero utility. SO i prefer smaller presents that make up a package, hopefully one of them will hit the spot. But I like working within the boundaries of a tight cashflow and sourcing for creative presents, even if it usually means i have to spend a little something extra to get something decent.

And no i don’t believe in all the christmas whorecrap and christmas used to be one of the worst times of the year (zomg why are people so cheerful…BITCHSLAP) but hey if u already hate urself 365 days of the year you deserve a break every now and then 😛

give me diamonds not love


i was all ready to write a lovely article about how fun the bintan trip was…but apparently Sarah did it for me already. Oh and shes obviously much more skilled at the gift of embellishment.

Ok i’m not so easily let off seems i have to write sth…

So anyway we went on this Bintan Trip with the supposed aim of watching stars. We being members of the OH so Hip Rovers group of ONDEH ONDEH and a dear old fren of mine. So early at the ungodly hour of 7 we made our way down to the ferry terminal…and guess what we saw? Dunmanians as far as the eye can see! Dunmanians of every color! (ok actually dunmanians only got 2 colors; yellow and PRC). Hehe. Laura and I thought we recognised a few people (from her cca of all things) and we got a good laugh out of it.

Ferry ride was pretty ok but people were puking in all the toilets. We listened to people behind us talking about the political theory and the constitution. Tried to guess what country/state/region this angmoh guy was from but his accent was surprisingly clean, probably american.

Checked the entertainment for the night. We missed out on friday female domination (we left friday early afternoon) featuring “secksy” dancers. Its nice to know their publicity director’s a 12 year old pubescent boy.


Went up to our rooms on stilts and was greeted by a double bed. As i remember it, she laughed manically as she consigned me to the couch. Then feeling (slightly) guilty she threw me a pillow, before happily settling down to message her bf.
The rest of the day was spent doing stuff like archery and shooting and taking funny perspective shots. I remember one where me and serkheng were straining under the weight of our seriously well endowed female companions. Ah, the mammaries…

We retired to a nice bar in the ocean overlooking what was supposed to be the setting sun, but it hid itself away among the clouds. Thinking that they wouldn’t have star gazing on a cloudy night, we whiled away the time learning how to play dai dee and got drunk on beer and alcohol.

Got back pretty early and got a good bath going. Spent the time talking about stuff and watching TV. While she slept i sneaked out for more alcohol and more gossip sessions. Turns out i’m the only one who hasn’t been thru base 1. Such a noob. But the rest is top secret 🙂
Second day started out bright and strong. We wanted to try snorkeling after sun tanning, but they advised us against it. Tried Boogey boarding, was pretty fun, basically u have this surf board and ya try to ride the waves. Stupid i know but someday i look forward to trying the real thing. I wanted a photo of her running into the surf ala Baywatch (without the boobs) but we didn’t get it done…

Split off after that cos our interests didn’t match. Lounged around in the pool. Ate at the same restaurant that served us gigantic food. Hung outside the restaurant for a while while i enjoyed a smoke. Went back to our room to laze around for a while, talked more, then we went to kelong for seafood. Ordered prawns and kangkong and fried cuttlefish rings. Ate so much we almost puked into the ocean 🙂 Had to stay there for an hour to rest and for a moment there looking at the serene waters and the star-lit sky above i dreamed…

Went back and slept early (yes we are such pigs) missed the second gossip session and of course the star gazing that night which was cloudless. I think we woke up in the middle of the night and watched the ellen show. (Channel 5 reruns that freaking show like 6 times a day). Then one dragonfly came in and landed on the tvscreen. Being the brave, independent travelers that we were we dealt with the first one and two with gutso, ignoring them even when they flew close. But soon they brought the mothership of dragonflies with them and our bravado melted away in the seeming infestation as we giggled and screamed like little girls. I gingerly opened the door, only to find that holy crap there was another mothership on our porch, spewing dragonfly after dragonfly. As i turned to Laura to mouth the words “oh****”,  the dark shadow of a giant bat swooped over me. All pretence of manliness lost, i ran to the safety of the the bed. There we would have stayed, up all night, if i didn’t hit on the i must say oh so brilliant solution of turning off all the lights (including ellen) and opening our door wide open. As they left to presumably infect another house and eat’s its occupants, i slammed the door on them and we retired to our oh so platonic sleep.

We woke up early the next day for more bogey boating at the wrong time 😛 spent an hour or 2 lazing around before heaing out to sea. The guy serving us made small talk like asking us where we were from (singapore, and i ventured on her behalf australia) and what we did (students) before sneaking in a cheeky “long distance?” Not knowing what he meant she said yes anyhow and I LOLed for like..the longest time 😛 Waves weren’t strong that day, we gave up after a while and from then on…it was downhill all the way back to singapore 😦 Me Sho Sad, wished we could have stayed there longer.

More photos another time. Opps gotta run for Pat’s party



Wednesday : Pepperlunch. Sis Andy and Jansen. Jie Bai. Proposed Omiai for Jansen. 5 person Group Dynamics.

Thursday : Dimsum. NPCC. Inserter and Insertee. Lust/Caution (which i still haven’t watched btw!). Night Clix II. Jade and Vicki. Long aimless walks around Clarke Quay(0k we were lost). Carolling. Ivy’s Vendetta and old hip hop. Christmas Card from Jade. Vicki’s “virgin” experience.

Friday: Kyoto sabo. Jianwei, Jasmine, Nadya, Vicki, Kenneth, Si Xiang, Aloysious, Anita. Money in a bottle. Tests for presents. Fishnet stockings. More “aimless walks”. Kbox. Ah niu. Taffy’s fei yu qing. Night Kbox AGAIN. Fucking overpriced. “In The End”, “Its My Life”. i become so “Numb”. Old NPCC classics.

To watch:

– Enchanted

– Lust/caution

– Witch Yoo Hee

– My Girl