Responses of 106 Men and 160 Women

To the Question ” How many partners would you ideally desire in the next 30 years”

Mean for Woman:” 2.8″

Mean for Men: “64.3”

Guffaw. Of course median and mode is a very unexciting “1”.

Responses of 106 Men and 160 Women

Sidd and his self esteem -Gig

 Well these guys performed for us at Pre-stasis and they were absolutely wonderful so i’m heading down to see them again. (Speaking of Stasis i haven’t put pictures up). Here they are doing their own thang with another bunch of peeps (and theres a someone who’s quite well known but who I could care less for performing alongside)

“Thursday January 31st
    NUS Arts Museum, University Cultural Centre, National University of Singapore.
8:00pm, Free Admission

Working in conjunction with Amelia Tang and Jonathan Leong, the Self-Esteem will put up a performance featuring all the material from their forthcoming debut augmented by a series of visual reactions projected behind the stage. That’s us, bringing the Exploding Plastic Inevitable to Singapore. (two Self-Esteem sets of 30 mins duration each)”

Sidd and his self esteem -Gig

Garden State

I love my free day 🙂 it gives me a chance to pig out and watch stuff and go out. But isn’t that what Saturdays and Sundays are for? But see,  everyone’s free on a Saturday and a Sunday and when everyones free, thats when stuff gets penciled into your schedule. Like against your will. On the other hand, nobody else’s free on your free day, so as sole proprietor of the only free time in the week, you get to choose the activities 🙂

I chose to watch Garden State yesterday and i loved it so much.


It stars Zach Braff from Scrubs as this neurotic has been actor who’s forever on medication and works at a Vietnamese Restaurant. (Which come to think of it is all i have ever seen him play). He receives a phone call from his father that asks him to go back home because his Mom has died and so he goes back and finds himself. Very emo flick with a very emo soundtrack including Frou Frou, Ben Gibbard from DCFC, Remy Zero and Simon and Garfunkel.

Overlaid over the soundtrack is this annoyingly clairvoyant narrator who describes each scene in intricate detail, seconds before it comes onscreen. He even narrates the *gasp* opening logos and the ending credits. For example “A cloudy pale peach sky hangs above dark mountains on the horizons, the beams of searchlights shoot upwards. The beams glance off three dimensional gold letters stacked on a blimp. Fox Search Light Pictures, a news corporation company. The lights glare and reach across the screen which then turns black.” Best to treat him as an annoying sister, or an unwanted house guest, who just yappers on and on and doesn’t shut up and says nothing important really.

So why do i love it so much? Cos Natalie Portman is in it. And why is Natalie Portman in it? Actually i don’t know but i’m glad she is. And if you need a reminder why Natalie Portman is every bit worth my singular obsession with her, well heres the photoshopped picture which i use for my worship altar.

Garden State


Ok for some reason i’m just sitting here with pent up energy and i can’t sleep and i’m just thinking of so many thoughts atm…

For todays reading to do before the lecture starts-

Bottom line theres only so many people that u can care about.

I have been suffering from severe STM loss recently. Like people would tell me stuff and it could be later on in the conversation that i couldn’t remember and had to ask them again. Or just suddenly deja vu would strike me again as i recall asking the same person the same kinda question much earlier. And i just been wondering why its been so. And i realise that i have just been going through the motions like an automated socialising machine and it sickens me. I wanna care deeply about a few friends as long as they are willing to let me too. I’d be perfectly happy if my life revolved around 2-3 people and i wanna remember every little thing that they told me (if it doesnt creep them out first hehe). But i can’t do that if i just focus on meeting new people. I mean i have tried the social animal thingy and i’m pretty sure that it doesn’t work for making frens that i wanna hold on to so why bother right?

Ahem i’d like to make a small dedication now to my dearest sarah mich and serkheng. People tell me that its hard to make close frens in university and i’m so glad that you guys proved me wrong. Its rare to find people who’d be willing to do anything with just for the enjoyment of the company itself and you guys are so spontaneous that i know that an outing with you guys will never go wrong 🙂

And to my dear (fake) sister, i am rather fond of u. Sometimes we umm get into misunderstandings and stuff and sometimes i wish u’d let me care about u in my own way but i’m glad that ur here and that we are taking the same mod this sem. I just hope the project work doesn’t ahem kill it for us 🙂

And thats it for now. Sloshed. There are plenty more dedications to go around but we can leave that for some other touchy feely occasion



Read this article in the straits time about volunteering. (ok it was quite long ago) and about how there were more and more CIP projects overseas. And after discussing it during the holidays I agree wholeheartedly with it. I think volunteering overseas dodges the one real hard truth –  to make a difference requires tremendous effort to see tangible results, something i doubt most people have and which i admit i don’t. How else do u explain the inconsistency between flying 20 plus kids down to cambodia to build one miserable house /school when the local people can do it just as well (and cheaper too).

But i have been thinking hard about it, like i really would like to contribute to social causes in a way that makes a real difference. But i just haven’t been able to find the right cause to make me jump up and go lets do this and lets do that. Until i watched this video today during intro to film art course that just completely repulsed me. And as the lecturer was going thru this scene and saying what he “loved” about the shot i was thinking to myself what a cold hearted &@^$^@#. But then i realised to myself that too often i have felt the same way about stuff that i routinely see in these art films that are meant to shock or touch you. And i realise that my last vestige of humanity lies in the fact that i hate violence against woman. You could give me crying orphans or starving people and i would still not care, but if i had my way i’d sentence molestors/rapists to death. DIE #$*&$@&#$*&.

But ok that was film art. Its just a module right?