Camwhore at Maja’s (Part 2)

Apologies. Part 2 was delayed while i was busy saving Stage6. Like any lousy Singaporean who can’t stand walking under the hot sun, and after being humiliated into walking the length of orchard road to get to our shooting location by our very sturdy german friend, who scarcely broke a sweat (literally) leading the pack, we just had to finish our day, with a facial (mask).

Vicki and I got the one that looks like we spread baby oil all over our faces while jason and maya got the blue minty one that actually – get this – burns away your face.


Don’t listen to all that bullshit about facial masks not working, here you can actually see them in action! A blue glow spreads through your body as it refreshes from the inside out (and presumably grants you superpowers to go along with that hot new look)


What clowns use when their foundation runs out.


The unveiling. yes its every bit as gross as it looks.

The finished product. Radiant baby smooth skin, from just 1.99 (for 2).

Camwhore at Maja’s (Part 2)

Camwhore at Maja’s (Part 1)

Yes i know i haven’t posted camwhore pics for a long time, why do so when other people are already doing such a better job of it? 😛

But then again pretty sure no one will post these and they are so desperate to see the light of day so up they go 🙂

A little background we were at Maja’s swanky service apartment discussing our short film project, so far we have come up with the location and a plausible plot line, characters and we even sneaked in some of our favourite shots. So after having 99c-a-plate-sushi we decided to make our way down to do a little location scouting. Our first stop on our pilgrimage of local indie film making, Sinema Old School, for some inspiration. This place only screens local films, and has quite a lot of (prime) space dedicated to non-profit creative enterprises.


Great. We feel like filmmakers already.

Just looking at the size of those ding dongs, we knew we had to stand under them.


Maja, Jason, Shawn, Vicki. Man what a lousy boyband we make. We then trooped off to our intended destination, which shall remain a surprise for now, cept for this little hint.


Yay stencils!


Get a load of them graffiti.


Colonial style house.Kicking it old school hup hup


ok thats it for now more pictures after the break

Camwhore at Maja’s (Part 1)

Why i think socially inept people are sweet

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the facades that people put up and how as long as your socially “well-adjusted” the things you say will be in some way be sensitive to the feelings of others but not true to your own feelings.

And i realise that people without these tools will always wear their true emotion/feelings on their chest because they have no way of concealing/transforming it. So once you basically get past their affront to your dignity you start to realise that whatever they say holds more truth than most.

Then i realise in the face of friends should the facades come down or should they go back up? Because theres infinitely more to lose here, so you’d want them to be happy with you, and you’ll also genuinely want them to be happy with themselves to begin with. Or does this question not matter at all since friends will never ever have something disagreeable to say to one another? Or is it another way around, friends have no qualms saying bad things to one another because they know that the other person won’t take it seriously? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Why i think socially inept people are sweet


so freaking tired. if i ever join another committee someone please bitch slap me.

anyway I had a nice Vday, took lots of nice shots with the lonely but studious and good loooking hearts club. Y’all may refer to Jasmines blog for the pictures because i’m so freaking overloaded i can just burst.


wa lau way to go shawn tan pang hao go and get food poisoning today. now you’ll be both SICK and LONELY on Vday

but seriously i don’t get sick often. I didn’t take a MC in army and as far as my memory serves me i didn’t miss a single day of JC due to sickness(although my err non-attendance can be traced to some other reasons). Possibly because i don’t believe in medication, and that Coke kills all bacteria/virus/germs, my remedy was always to drink lots of coke and other carbonated acidic drinks. But theres nothing to be done about an upset stomach 😦

Update: I feel like a bloated puffer fish now with all the wind in the stomach. Somebody pop me please 😦

Anatomy of a perfect CNY house visit.

Divide and Conquer :

The television area – the television must always be set to some chinese variety show with chinese boy bands doing random shit ala japanese tv to serve as conversation fodder. reserved for the kids or people who nobody recognises and can’t make small talk. table usually set in front of tv with fatty snacks,

The power-brokers table – Usually where all the good stuff is. Beer, catered food, this table usually plays hosts to the big ‘ones who can’t stop complaining about the bloody gahmen while cracking pistachio nuts.

The majong table – usually set up surreptitiously in someones bedroom for all the high rollers. And people whose sole aim for visiting is to gamble the day away. Very low maintanance.

The don’t ask don’t say area – Closed door policy, haven’t managed to infiltrate  this area yet.

The overflow area – setup when the home is entertaining more guests than usual, put chairs around the door. preferably in full view of the TV so you don’t have to entertain them. Also very convenient as a welcome party. Station lots of tissue paper for them to wipe their hands on.

The Customary Rites

The Ang Pow – the bare minimum this year is 4 dollars. Anything less and you get labelled a cheapskate. but a dollar more and you can be sure the kids remember your name. I like the purple ang pows from NTUC income best, regal purple with a nice crisp texture to it.

Thats all i can think about for now 🙂

Anatomy of a perfect CNY house visit.