and so we dance

Ok well the dissapointment when i found out was unexpected.

*activates shield wall now.

and so we dance

i believe if you can’t get your own life in order you shouldn’t order others around.

and yes this applies to me.  lesson learnt. all i wanna do now is study till my brain circuitry’s fried. In golden batter.


Stay in residence to save time + Work to save money to pay off residence = Square One

This is not the only example of idiotic things i have done. But i need to save my face.

Just had a very irritating (ok i can’t find a word for i) sales push that goes something like this

“Hi welcome to LJS what can I get for you?”

“Hi I’d like your “golden deal 4″ please”

“Would you like to try our bbq sets”

(alarm bells start ringing. I have never been told to substitute my entire meal before)

“No i’ll just have your golden deal 4 thank you ”

“Your drink, sir? Lemon tea?”

(looks up expectantly at me. Caught offguard i scramble for the menu to confirm the package only mentions coke/sprite)

“Noo just a sprite will do”

(face downcast she tries another tack)

“And the size sir? Medium?”

“Nah just the regular, like it says in the menu”

(Undeterred she bats again)

“How about a side for you sir?”

I should have said ” On second thoughts i don’t like your golden set anymore and if you try that kind of bullshit on me again this is the last time you’ll see me in LJS”

But feeling restrained i said “No”.

But i have decided that despite being the last fast food place on earth to have a standard meal for 5 bucks, after they decided to switch to anorexic chicken and some swamp fish for their fillet, getting their staff to inflate their meals breaks the camel’s back. Shove it up your candy ass LJS

Update: I just found out QH wrote about it as well before me. Same branch LJS PS sucks balls.


whoppie doo

Have you ever wondered whether those Biore Pore Packs work on anywhere else other than your nose? Well i did and i tried putting one on my forehead, the next oiliest place i found. Conclusion: It doesn’t work at all. The strip came off as clean as a whistle without all that  solidified shit. Anyone else wants to replicate my study? then my study will be  peer reviewed lol. Like maybe try womens pore pack or try a different area like ur cheeks, but for  now the conclusion is, don’t waste money sia.

Just found out that deans list got CCA points. LIKE WTF. “thanks for your hard work dude heres some cca points to wank off to” Somehow i just find it freaking hilarious.  gimme a scholarship or a bursary any other day.

Oh yea the hamsters are still pretty weak, they look like fetuses, or like those squirts with a juicy center (why must u run out of them candy empire…)

whoppie doo

The more I learn about human psychology

….the less i like humans.

We are such selfish, simplistic creatures, that even trying to test something as simple as altruism, is complicated by so many confounds.

Ok i’m seriously just complaining about my psych assignment.

In other news, my family petpets, which i thought were exclusively male, gave birth to 7 babies yesterday. Immaculate conception by a male hurrah! If they weren’t so cute, we would sue the pet shop keeper for false advertising.

The more I learn about human psychology


“Mas Selamat  Kastari, who had allegedly plotted to hijack a plane and crash it into Singapore’s Changi airport, slipped away from a detention center on Wednesday, authorities said. Mas Selamat is said to be commander of the al-Qaida linked Jemaah Islamiyah’s Singapore arm, besides being a serial killer, rapist, and a cannibal like hannibal, who eats little children for dinner.

On thursday hundreds of thousands of police officers, gurkhas, and biomechanical warriors fanned across the island in tight formation searching houses and setting up roadblocks. Armed with pistols, shotguns, laser rifles, chainsaws, rocket launchers, shurikens and ninjutsu, the soldiers have orders to shoot on sight, anything that moves. The Singapore government also announced that effective immediately, all internet access will be cut to prevent Mas Selamat from communicating with his compatriots in Indonesia who might you know try to rescue him, and have announced that they will also wiretap all personal communication lines, but they are sure that its a very minor convenience that all Singaporeans will absolutely understand is necessary to capture Mas Selamat

Singapore has enlisted the help of Interpol, the FBI, the CIA, that guy from Prison break who was very smart but ended up getting outwitted by Michael, and Veronica Mars, ace detective who lost her best fren to suspicious circumstances and thinks its done by her biological father, that girl from smallville who is annoying but still cute in that perky blond way and who you know is just gonna die one day, and the men in black, who think Mas Selamat may be an alien in disguise, to track down the escaped fugitive.

As to how Mas Selamat, an ISD detainee who had a visible limp, managed to get away from a compound with some of Singapore’s best, a police spokesman said :” Mas Selamat is a Jumper, and has the ability to teleport through solid walls, use the force, and fly. He can also mind control civilians, turning them into mindless slaves under his will. He is 10 feet tall, has regenerative abilities, an inbuilt indestructible metal alloy skeleton, and is well trained in urban combat and martial art skills. “

As a last resort, the Singapore government plans to evacuate the island and detonate a small controlled nuclear powered explosion, after first carpet bombing the place. Explaining their rationale, a government spokesman said exuberantly that “Mas Selamat is a deadly individual, who must not be allowed to destroy everything that Singapore has built. We must show the people that he is just a man, he is just flesh and blood. He can be ignored and he can be destroyed but as a symbol, as a symbol Singapore is incorruptible, Singapore is everlasting. The terrorists will never win!”

-sigh. and so i thought.