ihate js…

but its my fault for screwing it up. the questions were tricky, but i can’t help but marvel at how devious some of them were. if only i had more time to be one with the material. ok lesson learnt. you can’t get lucky all the time. and its 50 percent, compared to our 30 percent project.

BUT thank god our project was ok! seriously it went through this long and hard and convoluted process, which i do not have the strength to relate, because it has sapped all of it. And we felt so jaded towards the end, and we thought it wouldn’t be a good grade…BUT THANK GOD WE CINCHED IT.

2 down. 3 to go . i hate this already. wheres my ownage of the battlefield!!!

ihate js…

One down, 4 to go. En 2113 was ok. I hope i get away with being excessively vague (what to do when you can’t remember certain character names). But i consider it pure luck i haven’t crashed and burned yet. too much last minute stuff, too much spotting, will i stay lucky? Stay tuned to the next episode of Shawn vs Exams: Remix

eyes steeped with fatigue, i stepped outside for a smoke break, hoping to clear my mind.  i spied through the gaps, a couple waving goodbye, and as she turned to walk away, the guy remained still, his gaze tracing the small of the girl’s back as she traipsed her way home, on his face, the traces of a lopsided smile, unwavering until she disappeared.

invisible behind the fence, a smile appeared on mine as well.

and for a while, everything forgotten, as i bore witness.

Folding Stars

Yay. I’m getting 750 from the blardy gahment this year. How much are you guys getting?

Now we all know what this money is for. Search your conscience.

However, logically speaking, the only way to ensure that the money keeps flowing, is to keep a sizeable opposition in the parliament. Lets face it the opposition can never gain power, but as long as we sensible voters keep electing them, and keep up the pressure on the PAP, then well…..

Turn the tables on them yo.

Folding Stars

end of school


Random thought. Does anybody else feel this sense of sadness whenever the semester comes to a close?

I hate thinking that I might never see some of my classmates again. And no I’m not saying this for my eye candies. I’m addressing this to all i have had the pleasure of having come into contact with. Even if for many this contact is nary more than a wistful sidelong glance. A slight brush of our bodies as we make our way to our seats. A little sparring here and there. with those people whose opinions I respect whom i know that I can never be good friends with for nothing more than the fact that we just move in different circles. And i guess it saddens me because i wanna know everyone who’s walking a different path than me. And i know that in the years to come, i might find myself face to face with copies of myself and it scares me so, because i have a small glimpse of it already. but anyway…

I even miss some of our lecturers 🙂 Like for example Dr Gilbert Yeoh, this animated child like lecturer for introduction to film art, who always manages to express this wide-eyed admiration for the films that he’s teaching. He has this way of rising on the tips of his toes whenever he has some emphatic point to make, like he’s floating off the ground. And he shows the utmost respect for the opinions of his students. Vicki reminded me of something so unremarkable i didn’t notice it at first, he stays back to watch everyone of his screenings. Some of which i can barely keep myself awake on the first take, but which he must have perused many times over the years. And of course Dr Michelle See, who i may be biased in favor of , not because shes pretty, but because she’s one of the younger lecturers and is able to connect with us, in an older sister kinda way? Like she becomes embarrassed sometimes by some of our antics, but isn’t above joining us and making eh cultural relevant jokes? its kinda hard to describe.

And i shall finish this post once i have forgiven my English lecturer for giving me a reading which doesn’t follow socially accepted conventions of logical writing. Heres a guy who’s obviously above making himself understood to the masses. F*** you uncle Steven.

end of school