These grades suck.

Module Code Module Title Grade
EN2113 Reading Film and Cultural Texts B-
GEK2020 Introduction to Film Art B+
JS1101E Introduction to Japanese Studies A
PL2131 Research and Statistical Methods I B
PL3235 Social Psychology B+

I know, its always relative. And they look fine from the outset. But these grades, were on average 0.7 less than last semester’s. Thats a half grade drop, across the board. But more than that, i could live with it if these were subjects that i didn’t like. Because Jasmine got it right. It feels like betrayal when your favourite subjects don’t do as well as you hope. And i’d like to pinpoint just about everything except Stats.

Statistics, was about expected. Didn’t do really well for midterms, maths isn’t exactly my forte, haven;t really been going for lectures because i fall asleep or surf the net in her class. But its ok, i already counted it off as a one shot.

Japanese Studies on the other hand, I’m kinda pissed off about. Cos the exams was kinda a last minute thing. And i feel i don’t deserve that grade even though the mid term project turned out well, simply because i haven’t been paying that much attention to it overall, and it turns out to be one of my best subjects. Thats freaking ridiculous. Yes I’m know I’m wierd. But then again I’d be happy about it if everything else fared as well. Goes to show…. aceing intro mods is easy.

Social Psych though is a mystery. The finals was a piece of cake, aced the mid terms. I liked the teacher, I liked the subject, i got everything drilled into my head. So was it the class presentation? 20 percent…. hmmm…

And the two lit subjects really make me sad…..haiz. But i like them so much. I know how it feels like to like a subject and feel utterly nondescript and incapable of achievement in it. But i know if i get that double major i’ll still pursue the lit modules.

I now know what it takes. Beyond sad now I’m fucking pissed. Question is can i catch up?


You know ya love me XOXO

Man i thought i was hip. But my 16 year old sister recently asked me if I knew Gossip Girls the book. Now it ain’t no Lady’s Chatterley but come on the ad campaign for this show is..

I love the show, but my primary gripe is this character called Jenni. Who’s 14. Thankfully no sex for her yet. Now you guys know me. I’m not a conservative churchboy. But even i feel a certain sense of…concern over this sexualised tweeners phenomenon. Theres an article that appears in Wednesdays Mind Your Health, and for further info you can check this documentary by PBS out : Merchants of Cool (shamelessly ripped off my en2113 lecture)

Now my feelings are…its just a lifestyle. Girls shouldn’t be made to feel that the only way to make themselves feel good would be to dress like.. them. If some people wanna make a living advertising their sexuality in your face, good for them. And good for those of us with FHM subscriptions. But at the age group they are marketing it to, i don’t think they can make that distinction just yet.

Haiz. They say that many liberals eventually swear off their liberal credentials. Looking at the state of the (admittedly not singapore) media, more government intervention ftw.

You know ya love me XOXO

To do list

I’m squandering my time watching too many jdramas, i need to get my priorities straightened out.

First thing first – get my life sorted and organised. Loads of stuff leftover from pgp. And i need to merge my laptop and computer data together. ETC – This week.

Second – Work on my blades and my drums. Need to go beyond a superficial understanding of the basics. ETC – Forever

Third – Read random crap. I already borrowed Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami from shen, and two books from Natsume Soseki, I’m a Cat and a short story anthology. Going really heavy on the Japanese authors this sem. Also, found this paper by reowned economist Friedrich von Haye arguing for the abolition of government’s prerogative to issue money. Link. Very libertarian stuff. ETC – forever

Fourth – Watch random crap. So far i’ve been pretty happy with the choice of AV materials that i’ve been passing my time with. Proposal Daisasuken is a certified emo tear-jerker which happens to be somewhat funny at the same time. And the editing of this series is incredibly well done. I mean, the climax of every song coincides exactly with the crescendo of emotions. *shakes*head. so very manipulative. Hana Kimi is exactly the opposite, the supposedly emo parts spoils what could have been an extraordinarily funny show. Come on a single girl in a boy’s school? Add more fanservice please, milk it for what its worth. But still its a worthy waste of time. ETC – Forever

Bonus for Proposal Daisasuken lovers (not sure how long the link will last, right click and save) – keisukr kuwata (ashita hareru kana), mongol 800 (Chiisana Koi No Uta).

Fifth – and clearly the hardest thing i always have trouble with, is to produce something noteworthy. and dun worry i’m not going to write 🙂 ETC – Probably Never

Also after reading the reviews on Speed Racer, despite passing it over cos it looked kiddy, i’m tempted to go watch it now. Anyone up?

To do list

cloud computing

i admit it. i’m a geek through and through. not the c++ AJAX crunching Ruby-On-Rails kinda geek. But i like to stay at the forefront of whats new. So i’m like, a cool geek you know…the one who’s tuned into social trends and such. yo yo.

anyway i haven’t posted anything technical in long while. cos well it tends to be boring. but if its important or personal enough i’d post it (like whenever i get my son-of-a-bitch laptop DVD drive to be region free i’d scream it to the world). but there’s something i’m pretty excited about and thats cloud computing.

theres a whole host of technologies that fall under cloud computing. To sum it up, the cloud is the web. and your data is going to be up on it. imagine yourself working on your laptop in school. you have yet to finish your video assignment, and you wanna bring it home to work on it. naturally now you’d have to bring ur laptop home to work on it. With cloud computing however, your desktop and your laptop will be the same as your data will be synchronized across the two devices. So any changes done on one device, will be synced across seamlessly. Thats just one possibility for cloud computing and fortunately the future is now here with Windows Live Mesh. Its currently in closed beta right now, but some of the possibilities are already deployed in action on different platforms.

Just a few more samples in action –

Need mp3 storage but dread the amateurish capabilities of esnips and imeem? 25 gb locker at MP3Tunes. With automatic scanning and uploading of songs with album art and id tag support.

Online word editor thats sweet looking – Buzzword. I edited my JS project with this until i found out that it doesn’t support footnotes (but soon will). Supports online collaboration.

Photoshop Express with 2gb storage and automatic effects.

Online task manager and to do list – Remember the milk.

And what do these services aim to achieve? Web domination through mashups. Something which playing through Facebook you should already be well aware of, like it being able to pull up wordpress blog posts, flixster profiles. At the end of the day , there will only be one set of data from which these applications can all access. Say goodbye to desktop applications and desktop storage. Which is why theres such a big hoopla over Microsoft’s acquisition of Yahoo. Whoever controls the web controls the future of computing. They have been saying that for years now but only recently has Microsoft been made painfully aware of its incompetence in this area, and the realization that soon, we might not even need the OS to go online anymore. And to prove that, the complete OS online – EyeOS

Another article on cloud computing :

cloud computing


one of the top searches that redirects to my blog is apparently “kittens nightclub”

so this is for all the people who have stumbled across this blog in quiet desperation for some kitten action: “I’m sorry to disappoint you, please accept my humble apologies.”

I just worked a 12 hour shift yesterday, and i’ll probably work an 11 hour one today, so i don’t feel like i’m having a vacation. ba.


to use the cliche:

accept me as i am.

sometimes its easy to forget.

btw: giant vivo has a discount for 2 ben and jerry tubs at 20 bucks. awesome deal. except that they don’t have some flavours. no cookie dough 😦