Life Sucks Part 2

Ok so small consolation. Jason Mraz is coming to town. But the tickets are 200 dollars for a single day, 300 for a weekend pass? And my wallet is feeling awefully light. And look at the lineup.


Simple Plan – passe. alright some of their songs are still good but i don’t like the new material.

Lostprophets – oldie again. used to listen to their stuff and saosin. saosin is better.

Crowned King – who the hell?

Dearest – what the F**k

New Found Glory – where do these people come from?

Melanie Subono – how the ass?

Travis – er the only thing that comes to mind is that cover of “Baby hit me one more time”

Melee – not bad la.


Alicia Keys – cool

Panic at the Disco – alright


One Republic – SWEET JESUS

Stacie Orrico – meh

Jamie Scott – moo??

Rick Astley – oh hey i remember this guy….wtf?????? IS THE SINGAPORE AUTHORITIES RICKROLLING US?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!!??!?!?!??!!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!??!?

OK i dun mind paying 200 dollars for the second day ba…but jeez thats a lot to pay for some rick roll and some spam in my sandwich

Life Sucks Part 2

Life Sucks.

I simultaneously find out that Death Cab for Cutie is coming to town AND the tickets are sold out.

*bangs* head against wall

*curls* up in fetal position

*listens* to more death cab to ease the pain caused by banging the wall.

Life Sucks.

A short post before i leave for arts camp.

I’m not the most ra ra, craziest whacked out person. Camp annoys the hell out of me. The people annoy the hell out of me. I dun like to do things that i don;t like to do. Most of the time i like being a wet blanket. A wallflower (male) standing in the middle of premediated madness. But i go for camp because the freshies need to see, that there are people who haven’t overdosed on helium. I represent the quiet ones, the ones who are contend to stand in the background, the ones who come to camp knowing that they aren;t the most ra ra people around too, but hoping that somehow they’d find people to conect with in a different way. I was dissapointed too when i went for camp last year, but i found people who were like that and i’m hoping that this year i can do the same for those too. Just this one year

birthday wishes and goodbye kisses

*edit its longer now haha

Thanks to the UOB gang for indulging in our favourite past-time kbox haha. They also got me a ripcurl pencil case which is just what i needed and and a dress shirt. Feels like its getting smaller and smaller each time we meet but i’m happy we still manage to have an easy-going chatter haha

Thanks to michelle sarah and ser kheng for accompanying me for seafood at my house, and then spending the rest of the night in vociferous consumption of gossip girl episodes. And then we had lunch at ACIA on my real birthday itself. I wasn;t feeling very well then but they surprised me with a chocolate brownie when i was preoccupied.

Thanks to laura for the afternoon “cuppa” of Gelare ice cream. All 8 flavours of them (Hey it was a steal.) She got me a gift of an anthology of birthday stories compiled by Haruki Murakami which was surprisingly depressing – just the way i like it. And then i got to meet her boyfriend for the briefest of moments. He’s ok. but i don’t like him.

Thanks to jaden, nekoi and yuki (i figure if we are going to use pseudonyms, why not for all) for the ramen we had at the basement of city hall (i forgot the stall name). U guys are some of my oldest group of frens and it feels good to see you all after so long.. We also watched Narnia Prince of Casspian. [/start gripe about Narnia] Ok Narnia still has the same annoying kids which despite having grown up are still annoying. . And I finally hit upon the religious¬† message – if ever u don’t see “Aslan” maybe you aren’t looking hard enough. Which granted seems fair enough. Some other religious messages which i also found in the film – if your a leader, its ok to run first, save your hide and leave your men stuck behind an iron gate. Its also ok for “Aslan” to reappear without any explaination and save your sorry asses,as long as you welcome him with big fat sloppy arms.

And lastly to the good looking crew.Thanks jasmine for organizing the kid-nappping, the fireworks, the dress-up, the birthday cake. All of it surreptiously captured on tape. Here’s how it went down (sorry pictures will go up later) I arrived at the allocated time 10 mins early, dressed in my best whities. Milled around waiting for someone to show up, and was told to go to HMV to meet up with jasmine. Reached HMV to find that only Jasmine and Aloysious was there, 20 minutes after allocated time. Was a bit dissapointed, milled around looking for stuff to download. Then we headed over to esplanade, you know to eat at that famous “makansutra place” Up until then i didn’t suspect a thing until they pulled a blindfold over my eyes, and i was “kidnapped” and ordered to walk the hall of shame. Was initially resistant but i figured it’d be no good trying to get them arrested. Was led all the way up to the rooftop (though i didn’t know it) where waiting for me was all the peeps (including one who wasn’t supposed to be there and missing some who were) and a elaborate set-up involving fireworks and bubbles. Yea like a real life taiwan drama. I was seriously overwhelmed when i saw it, would have cried but my tears have long dried up. Then we had cake and pizza and sparkling grape juice and played some games. You know the 22nd birthday, coming directly after the 21st is supposed to be one of muted celebration. But thanks for not letting me have that chance LOLZ. You know why I didn’t suspect a thing? Cos it was already so late after my birthday and i figured that if you guys were like me you’d just settle for less but apparently you aren’t.

Thanks to one and all for celebrating with me. Even though i don’t feel older yet theres always hope next year. TODAY i’ll be in malaysia, hopefully with enough cash to blow for 5 days.

birthday wishes and goodbye kisses

Its not over tonight….

My drum class is going to do Maroon 5 – Won’t go home without you. First pop song and i won’t be there ::cries::

I’m creatively paralyzed and in constant fear of not doing things as well as i’d like.

My take is, if so many people are doing things so much better than me why spend time trying to do things differently, when I can spend time in full appreciation of what they have done. My only hope resides in the wish that some of it might eventually rub off on me.

Anyway yet again i found something interesting to read. Free ebook by the creator of Gilbert and a crack at Pop Philosophy. God’s debris. heres a slighly modified version of one of his ideas.

Why do people extol respect for other religious beliefs? Of course thats the equal rights for everyone issue, in this case a persons right to engage in his own religious beliefs as long as it doesn’t hurt others, but keeping in mind that a chosen course of action could be motivated by very different cognitions and we are just going to explore one particular possibility.

You respect someone when he’s your better or when he’s your equal or when it is truthful. You don;t respect something that you believe is absolutely wrong or absolutely inferior. Obviously people who subscribe to one set of religious beliefs don’t believe that others are better, else they’d all jump boat. But then we also can’t say that religions are equal, because in choosing this religion over the next, we are making an affirmative choice. How then to reconcile this respect for other religions?

If you have 100 percent faith in your religion, you should be carrying arms and declaring religious war and converting everyone to your faith because religions are often in direct conflict with one another. Either Jesus is the messiah or hes just a prophet. Either there is one omnipotent god or there are many. And thats what people used to do. But now things are different. There is more doubt now and religious tolerance is just another way for people to acknowledge that while their own religion is better, other people have an equal chance of getting it right too.

Its not over tonight….

been feeling under the weather lately. hacking cough with no fever and no flu symptoms. Is that still an illness? I used to get these bouts of coughs that resembled hiccups: once you pop you can’t stop. More self induced that anything real. I hope that is the case now, because i don’t wanna see the people around me falling sick. Still though this thing makes me more cranky and morose than usual. Theres been an accident along PIE going to CTE, please avoid and make a detour.