Normal run of the mill post today. Intermittent reinforcement is good to prevent extiniguishing of conditioned response.

I screwed up bad. Saw a 20 percent essay at the last minute, had a nagging feeling that i missed something out but repressed it cos i was so intent on refining some writeup for stats. Finished it in 2 hours. Gah. Hope it turns out an acceptable grade. Still have yet to miss out on doing an assingment but i’ll leave that “first” for another day.

You can’t understate the importance of doing stuff together.

Saw series is awesome pwnage. I need the time to finish it up.

I need to stop doing stupid things. and asking stupid questions. i say i think before i speak, but the sporadic nonsense i sprout kills whatever sense of self-efficacy i have. Sorry. High on caffeine and psych. PSYCHOSTRESSED


To the one who won’t enable comments on her blog.

shhhh its ok….hang in there.

i’ll treat you to low fat ice cream when your back….

Work and Travel And Play And Play And Play And Play

Hmm Jaden your genius. Go first and pick up the shit eh.

I have decided to go for Work and Travel 2008 by Speedwing during May 2009. Still figuring out how to work the cost in. 3k upfront by the end of the year . 1.5 in savings (no this doesn’t include disposable income, my disposable income is still very much safe)  350 from the government (i’m just about to sing their praise again) 200 from the Army (maybe 400 if i can push it). And 1k to scrounge up somehow along the way. Meep.

Work and Travel And Play And Play And Play And Play


Johnny says we are all looking to transcend, but transcendance means different things to different people. To some, it means breaching the boundaries and achieving something that would ordinarily count as being beyond your reach. For others, it means giving up precisely that which you have achieved, that which has proven to be so dear to you. People can spend a better part of their lives courting the former only to find towards the tail end, that the latter is what they have been looking for. There are somethings that can never be changed past a certain point, your course is pretty much set in stone. But i realise that i’m not ready to give in, to recognise and acknowledge my failings.

From an earlier posting :

“Sometimes though it feels like i’m living my life vicariously through them (them in this case extending to music/games/visual enternainment). feels like i’m looking from the outside at all these people with like these broad range of emotions and experiences that i can only try to grasp at. What makes me different from an average soap opera fan hmm? Or for that matter what makes you different hmm? if we are but content to stay within our narrow scope of vision we’ll have nary anything to call our our life as a composite shadow of others.

I don’t have the strength to do what i believe must be done.never have. someday i hope that will change though. and when that day comes my bags wil be packed.”


I’m doomed

Vicki: ” What do you wanna be when you grow up?”

Me: “A consumer.”

Jason: “?!?!”

(ok this is slightly embellished for delivery)

Every semester, i try to bring in interesting tidbits of what i learned, because well everybody is taking different majors and pursuing different paths in life, and just because we do so, it doesn’t mean that we should be denied of seeing what the other side (s) is doing. So todays lesson is on humour. Not to make humour (no doubt countless others are much well versed in this than me) but how humour delivers social criticism.

Humour comes under the umbrella term “Comic”. In achieving a comic effect, there is a violation of a rule, or what is otherwise referred to as a frame. This frame must be presupposed but not spelled out, or else the comic effect will be lost. We take pleasure when this frame is violated, we laugh at the character for breaking the frame, but we do not concern ourselves with the defense of the frame, because we recognise that its the character’s fault that the frame is broken. Case in point, most physical comedy.

Humour on the other hand, isn’t just outright laughter at the character. It involves a certain kind of tenderness and sympathy. Humour tries to reassert and reestablish the broken frame, it does not force us to accept that system of values but it forces us to acknowlege its existence. In humour we smile because we see the contradiction between the character and the frame the character cannot comply with. But who is at fault? Is it the character, or is it the frame?

I’m doomed

A movie script ending

Confucius says: ” PSP with no battery, is like woman you cannot touch. “

Another week has passed, and once again i’m amazed at the speed of its progress.

I never got down to writing my new semester resolutions. I suppose thats not a very good start haha. but here i am in the fourth week and i think i have seen enough to know that the resolutions i made were in good faith.

What do i want for this semester? I want consolidation. I want intensification. The first year was all about pushing boundaries. This is about building them. I wanna work my ass off, i wanna play my heart out, i wanna rebuild my core identity that has been diluted due to all the compromises i had to make.

We of the overworked and underestimated have been promised for a long time now that in the future, when we grow up, we will all learn information that will make us be of use of society. So we submitted to your brainwashing. We believe that academic excellence is the only way that someone can be of worth. We sat through all those useless subjects in order to have a well rounded education. Now that we are ready to be specialists, you tell us, that although we are in the building, we are only at the ground floor. We haven;t reached the top yet, we can’t treat patients.

yes. we bloody know that. can you shut up now and teach us some stuff that can.

I didn’t go through 16 years of formal education to sit through 20 mins of NUS1101E. Or a 3 hour seminar over bragging rights in an academia war of worlds.

Where is the knowledge we so desperately seek? If we are being taken for a ride, where is the light at the end of the tunnel?

Every module should be like language and cognitive process. Its freaking challenging. But yet at the same time its so freaking simple to engage in.  We did this tracing the path of language processing exercise in class. It was miles above what we did in other tutorials. Learn from Piaget guys. We are not just sponges we are active participants in our own learning process. We want to be wowed and amazed just like little kids. Give us something at our level.

Emancipation not Emanciation.

A movie script ending