yay! exams are here

for all you people who are cramming and whose itchy hands wander during periods of boredom, good luck to you too. we’ll have fun after the exams :))))))

for the love of strawberries




despite having completed 3 assignments in one day, i don’t feel that sense of accomplishment and i think i know why.

its cognitive dissonance

last sem, i made a choice.

despite knowing that i was outclassed, and outplayed, despite knowing the hit that i was probably going to have to take, i chose to take on a lit major.

i made a commitment to lit because i loved it. i don’t just like it i love it to death. i love the readings, i love the movies, i love the prose, i love the poetry. unequivocally i love it. yet today, i did something disgusting. i compromised. i was disengaged. i lost track of that love. i let it slip away.

and now looking back at all the things that i have missed, struggling to understand what i’m sure are very basic concepts that i would have gotten if i had gone for lectures and paid attention and participated in discourse. i feel that sense of loss. what i did today, doesn’t do justice to Woody Allen, doesn’t do justice to Li-Young Lee. they are such good teachers, you really couldn’t ask for more. and i failed them.