Reaction speed test

Remarkably consistent on all five counts. I got bobbing bobcat what about you? 🙂

Reaction speed test

One nation against the world

UN General Assembly press release:

Draft resolution XX on the right to food, approved on 24 November by a recorded vote of 180 in favour to 1 against (United States), with no abstentions, would have the Assembly reaffirm that hunger constitutes an outrage and a violation of human dignity, requiring the adoption of urgent measures at the national, regional and international level, for its elimination.

Well done.
– from Daily KOS

One nation against the world

Three’s a crowd, Two’s company

Yes I am blogging a lot now.

My online persona’s have suddenly sprung back to life. Brief recap.

konno blogs without caps. likes to talk about daily stuff and is constantly fascinated and amazed by little things like butterflies and colors. She likes to take long walks along the beach and is a little like the ID.

Banchan is an angry, impulsive young man. He rarely appears but sometimes makes intrusive and outright venomous post. He has the option of coherent and organised thought but rarely chooses to exercise it. Closest to the concept of the Superego.

Ginji is the normal one. He’s suppose to regulate konno and Banchan but frankly if you ask me Banchan is causing all the trouble. He gives in to konno cos her wants and desires are needs are so much easier to fulfill. Closest to the Ego.

Typical day : konno will scream “I WANNA SURF DIGG” and Ginji will be like “Oh that’s not too much to ask for.  But then Banchan says “I WANNA KILL SOMEBODY” and Ginji’s all “meep. you can’t do that” Banchan says ” WHY NOT KONNO GETS TO DO THAT” and ginji says “konno’s cute. let her be” and Banchan goes off to smoke a ciggarette.

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Three’s a crowd, Two’s company


My mum likes to play tapes of church sermons.  She does it all the time, so much so that it’s become part of the background noise. I worry sometimes of being brainwashed. Sometimes though when my brain zones out, i unconciously tune in to it. And i can’t believe i just heard this little snippet from this  American Pastor who’s a guest at like this megachurch in Singapore (note – not word for word recollection. my memory’s pretty bad)

“Now imagine that I’m going back to America via Singapore Airlines. Now i’m all buckled up, and the air stewardess says : “We hope that the theory of lift will work today, we just watched the news in the United State’s today there’s reports that there are many airplanes that have crashed or are crashing. But we hope that today, in SINGAPORE, the theory of lift will work. Thank you for flying Singapore Airlines and please enjoy your flight.”

(here’s the more interesting part)

“Now i don’t know about you, but i will most definitely not go home on that plane. I’ll crawl my way home, swim my way home, find another way, but i’ll definitely not go home on that flight. And you know why? BECAUSE I”LL NOT BASE MY LIFE ON A LIE…..NOT WHEN WE ALREADY HAVE A LAW. That law is unchanging, blah blah blah it has been passed down from Moses through blah blah blah and it applies to you. ”

Amazing!! He managed to co-opt science into an analogy about the immutability of God’s word. I’m pretty sure when they said that science and religion can coexist, they didn’t seem to mean it in that way. The problem  with the above passage lies with the fact that yes theories are subject to changes, but they make testable predictions that stand the test of time, and yet are dynamic enough to accomodate changes when new evidence comes in. Everything that’s worth learning is a theory! Ingenious. And the only way he managed to escape unscathed with that line without seeming to be a little bit ironic, was because the audience were idiots.

Laws can’t be lies because they are untestable. (think pink unicorns) Moral laws that define what’s good or bad, are often arbitarily set because they can’t be proven right or wrong. They are afterall rules and institutions build upon what society deems to be socially acceptable. Think abortion, homosexuality.  Similarly, religious laws are just as arbitary. They can’t be compared on the same level as a theory. Yet by pitting the two together,  this guy is taking what is basically a strength of the scientific method, making it seem weak by comparing it to what appears to be a strength of intelligent design but is actually a fault.


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my next nightmare will have one of these little tikes.

this is damn hilarious. especially the ending!

and a joke

An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar. The first one orders a beer. The second orders half a beer. The third, a quarter of a beer. The bartender says “You’re all idiots”, and pours two beers.” — Randgruppen humor from this

-just a daily dose of digg goodness

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

2 exams on 1 day, final day of papers.

1st paper, a psych paper. passes without fanfare. crowd comes out at 9am (yes the exam was at 7), everybody heads off to study for social psych at 2 at this place that looks suspiciously like the VJ canteen benches (everybody including qh, cs, alice, yl, weiming, daphne, ilyana, psych soc people). they all know one another. i leave my bag there to run an errand, safe in their hands.

comes back, laptop and bag containing notes are gone. i body check everyone, demand the perpetrator to reveal himself.  everybody ignores me, continues to study. the clock reads 10 am. not a whole lot of time left.

the silence is stifling. meanwhile i grow more desperate

yl saddles up, tells me in kindness that weiming was the last person who touched it. weiming confesses that he surrendered it to mr seet (vj pe teacher) who confiscated it cos i was downloading porn (so not true). i bash weiming up, drag him over to mr seet’s room.

mr seet is sitting on a throne made up of strawberry shortcake watching youtube videos. i ask for my laptop back. mr seet shrugs, hands it back to me, i step outside, bam i discover that the room is actually a bungalow on the outskirts of town. weiming has dissappeared, i have to travel all the way back to school again. 11am.

for some reason my bag weighs a ton. i turn behind me to look, i’m carrying one of those primary school bags that seems gargatuan in proportion to my tiny build. the journey is arduous, each step a struggle. i know time is running out, the anxiety gnaws at me.

along the way i meet this people from high school musical 3. they are jerks. they call me nerdy names. i ignore them. they pass me by. but one of them is special. she’s gorgeous. she teases me, askes me if i want to pork. i say no, i have social psych to study for, but maybe later. bf hears it, he gives me a wedgie, but he is surprisingly gentle, like a virgin.

i reach school. remembers that my social psych text is still in my locker. heads off to locker. 12 am. downright panic. 2 hours left to study. i still have 4 chapters left to study. i figure 30 mins would be enough, but barely.

lock falls apart in my hands. the turning mechanism is broken. the pins and needles inside pierce my hand. i cuss and swear. my sweaty hands fumble over the lock. i spent 30 minutes (in dream real time) to fix it. i manage to open it, but the pressure is too much. i break down and cry. hot girl appears. she convinces me to give up studying. i relent. we head to a room.

i wake up. its 1pm. time for lunch.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Trivia of the day

In today’s paper there’s this headline,

Sailor quits after hitting Doldrums

“A french adventurer aiming to become the first person to make a kite powered crossing of the pacific ocean has abandoned her bid after becoming stuck in the doldrums”

I did a double take. She quit because she felt emo??

Reading on I found that the Doldrums was an area near the equator that often had no winds for long periods, and was so named after the phrase “in the doldrums” which means being listless and having low spirits.

Trivia of the day