Tiong Bahru as World Heritage Site

Dr Kevin Tan, the president of the Singapore Heritage Society, wants to make Tiong Bahru Estate a world heritage site, citing (lame pun not going to be intended) a Unesco critieria -“an outstanding example of a type of building… which illustrates a significant stage in human history” as one of the reasons why the prewar STI flats would qualify for this designation.

Lets look at some of these outstanding sites such we?


Angkor Wat – hmm yes yes

pyramids3Pyramids of Egypt – OMG YES YES

taj-mahalTaj Mahal – ZOMG WTF BBQ HELL YES





Now now, i’m not ignorant or anything, i have actually seen the place in person. Went down to the place itself for a workshop to film a short video before. It is…. quaint. Like, senior citizen’s retirement place quaint. Like no lifts or any of those nonsensesical-modern-conveniences kind of quaint.  But nowhere does this place measure up to the abovementioned critieria. So yes conserve it all you want but please do not embarass us and the hordes of tourists who would inevitably flock to these world heritage sites. Which I’m suspecting, is the stupid motive for such a stupid move.

Tiong Bahru as World Heritage Site


“Today, Google and YouTube announced the launch of http://www.youtube.com/vatican, the YouTube channel dedicated to the activities of the Pope and events in the smallest state in the world, Vatican City. Footage on the channel comes from Centro Televisio Vaticano (CTV) and Vatican Radio (RV), so the primary language is Italian, but there will be information in Spanish, English, and German as well. Pope Benedict XVI stated that the page has been set up “so that the Church and its message continue to be present in the great Areopagus of social communications…and so that it is not a stranger to those spaces where numerous young people search for answers and meaning in their lives.


I’m sorry Mr Pope. Your initiative while well intentioned, betrays a deficient understanding of what young people really do search for online, the contents of which i’m not at liberty to post here for fear of polluting your absolutely pure heart and mind. Its not your fault, its our’s completely. WE FAIL YOU.


Not sure if this is appearing in Singapore newspapers, i don’t really have access to them, but apparently they censored Obama’s speech over in China.

“Recall that earlier generations faced down fascism and communism not just with missiles and tanks, but with sturdy alliances and enduring convictions…To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history, but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.”

In the live feed, the speech was cut to an analyst and on Chinese transcriptions that appeared in the press, they were omitted as well.

Maybe change is too much for China to handle. Let’s just stick to capitalism okay, god it’s so much easier to please the proletariat with.


In the past week, there’s a bloodbath going on at the technology front, layoffs are coming and they are massive and across the board. Microsoft is cutting close to 5000 jobs, IBM 16000 (?), Intel, Samsung, Sony and LG are all actively “restructuring”, and even Google cut a hundred jobs, most of them in the staff recruitment dept. Since tech is the only sector im monitoring, i can only imagine what the situation must be for the rest.

N.B – I’m not talking about the local Singapore economy, but about MNC’s and the American economy because they are the one’s who will be hurting first, and the effects will gradually filter down to our level. All of the above companies (with the exception of LG i think) have a significant presence here, us being a regional hub and all.

edit*: About 10 mins after writing this i stumbled upon this dummies guide to the unemployment rate. again this applies to the american economy. scaremongering ftw. credits mint.com


Looking back at my GP assignments and essays, i was made keenly aware that all through the years GP was the only subject i was ever interested about in JC. I remember the male teacher that tried and gave us personality tests to find out what kind of student we were, and printed out topic packages on “media”, “the environment”, “technology” and sourced out writing tips. I can’t remember his name, its disturbing. And then the crappy Mrs Rajan who could only regurgitate the standard stuff. And i realise that my writing has been so insipid  of late because i’m not asking the right questions of import, i’m only content to sit back, idle, chill, engage in repetitive loops of reassuring behavior which does not include thinking apparently. Hmmm how am i going to fix it.

So far for the time period that i’m at my aunts place, i have eaten vegetarian bak kwa, seaweed, vegetarian soybean floss with nuts, vegetarian gummies with (with real fruits!), barley porridge, whole meal bread, lots and lots of banana’s and papayas.

The vergetarian organic lifestyle is taxing foshure, but hey i’m getting used to it 🙂

The range of products is really amazing, and the taste is much better than what most people would expect. but the price is a turn off.  My favourite by far is the vegetarian soybean floss, but its like 16 dollars for a medium sized packet that you can just sprinkle over ur other food (the flavour of the organic food is not as ahh intense as i’m used to).

I am producing a ginormous amount of flatulence though. I feel like a cow. Not sure if its related (they are vegetarians after all). Must be the chlorophyll water i’m drinking.

Oh and I can still eat fish, so that’s nice 🙂

As the crow sings

Well i’m comfortably settled in this new location of mine at Toa Payoh. Only thing is there isn’t any internet here (as my parents like to say) so i am now permanently tethered to NUSopen for my daily source of sustenance. The megahub is nearby, but i haven’t had the time to explore it at all. Curfew’s at 10pm cos my aunt likes to sleep early and she like’s to stay up to wait for people to come home, so 10 it is. Also, morning call at like 8. Ungodly hour for most of my peers i know. Also there are little quirks that i have to get used to like double locking doors and other socially sanctioned habits which i have  to relearn due to my laziness overdependence.

I am eternally grateful for my aunt for letting me stay at her place. Also she’s damn nice la. Cooks breakfast, sometimes dinner. Like we had grilled fish in sesame oil and some dark sauce. Damn nice. Also she is really big on organic food. So i have been eating a lot of fruits/grains/seaweed and less of sodium (which i sprinkle liberally on all i eat). All in all its good.

Anybody wanna catch Red Cliff 2? Like on a weekday before 6 when prices are dirt cheap?

As the crow sings

Listening to – George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue.

I first heard it on Woody Allen’s Manhattan, during which i found certain elements of it oddly nostalgic. Sure that i had heard it before, featured perhaps on another movie, i set about tracking down the soundtrack. The piece itself, like other rhapsodies, is epic, clocking in at 16mins 50 seconds. The real beauty of it though, lies in its mishmash of classical music and jazz and hasty improvisation. Real smooth. Its the kind of song i’d imagine Nero would be listening to as Rome burned 🙂