The nice guy stereotype

This is for all the jaden’s (and shawn’s) out there. LOL. Just some evidence to back up the pop lit claims…

“Proponents of the nice guy stereotype argue that women often say they wish to date kind, sensitive men, but, in reality, still choose to date macho men over nice guys, especially if the macho men are more physically attractive…results supported the nice guy stereotype. Lower levels of agreeableness predicted more less-committed, casual, sexual relationships.”

Urbaniak, Geoffrey C; Kilmann, Peter R. Niceness and dating success: A further test of the nice guy stereotype. [References]. [Journal; Peer Reviewed Journal] Sex Roles. Vol 55(3-4) Aug 2006, 209-224.

“The purpose of this study was to investigate why some women report a desire to date nice guys but prefer dating jerks. Specifically, young women’s dating choices based on their reasons for dating in general and the attractive/unattractive traits that they perceive that a man possesses were explored… reasons for dating (i.e., not wanting physical contact, wanting stimulating conversation, and wanting an exclusive relationship) and perceived personality traits (i.e., sweet/nice and physically attractive) influence a young woman’s desire to date a nice guy, and that perceived personality traits are better predictors of her choice of a man to date than are reasons for dating.”

McDaniel, Anita K. Young women’s dating behavior: Why/why not date a nice guy? [References]. [Journal; Peer Reviewed Journal] Sex Roles. Vol 53(5-6) Sep 2005, 347-359.


“As hypothesized, women who placed a lesser emphasis on the importance of sex, who had fewer sexual partners, and who were less accepting of men who had many sexual partners were more likely to choose the nice guy as a dating partner. The findings indicate that nice guys are likely to have fewer sexual partners but are more desired for committed relationships.”

Herold, Edward S; Milhausen, Robin R. Dating preferences of university women: An analysis of the nice guy stereotype. [References]. [Journal; Peer Reviewed Journal] Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy. Vol 25(4) Oct-Dec 1999, 333-343.

And for some reason, girls just like to find nice guys to whine about jerks, because while they are nice enough to whine to, they just aren’t all that nice enough to qualify as a mate…who ever cares about how the nice guys feel huh??? lol (i assume i’m nice :P)

The nice guy stereotype

Dreamers walk the line

Had 2 dreams last night. 

One involved me being involved in an iphone contest. No points for guessing where it came from. But,and this is wierd part, it wasn’t your run of the mill $299 iphone. It was a prototype iphone that had the ability to make people fly. I held the baby in my hands and quickly discovered that holy shit the thing was really made for me. I flew twice as far and twice as fast. I lost track of that dream sometime..but i can still remember the feeling.

The other one was twice as wierd. I was in a place, where all my acquiantances, friends, soul mates were there. They suggested going to pastamania for lunch. I agreed. Midway through…a girl suggested, rather coyly to me, to leave the group and heading out on our own. Heady with desire, i agreed to..but found myself suddenly abandoned in the middle of no where. I knew then…that i was going to die of massive internal bleeding. Filled with an impending sense of doom, didn’t feel afraid. I knew what i had to do. I turned back to grab my meagre belongings, and headed off to SGH, on foot. Somehow i managed to make my way across to this…jetty.

It stretches for miles, with only a handrail on the right or left side. In my hand i’m holding something, which i know is freaking important, but i can’t remember what it is. Might be a picture of a girl…but with no recollection of the girls face i remain doubtful. It was a place i had seen before in my dreams, whenever i was about to embark on a metaphorical journey of life. Its a place that i wouldn’t mind returning back to when i die, except for some reason i never do die there. It’s always a stop along something, something much bigger than i can see. Usually the dream ends there, nice enough ending … but this time it doesn’t. I continue to walk for what feel likes an eternity, sometimes precariously dropping into the big black open sea waiting to consume me. But i refuse to let go of the handrail.

I drop off somewhere near bedok. Its a lone  bustop, no architecture around, but lots of people milling around. Another resting place? I look for directions, and the bus guide gives me a number: 186. I wait and wait and wait, but it doesn’t ever come. I get scared. Flag down a comfort cab. The comfort cab doesn’t know the way, keeps driving me around in circles to run the meter. There is another person in the taxi…but somehow i know that he is dead. The dream ends there..i never do reach the hospital. Does that mean i die there too?

Had these 2 dreams after a mini discussion with Laura yesterday..think it might have been related. Hey dear, life may be taking us for a ride. But we still hope.

Dreamers walk the line

Smartest thing i have heard all morning

“At the center of the global meltdown, then, is the misshapen economic codependency of the United States and China. Each has followed a fundamentally unstable economic model, with one nation suppressing wages so that it could export more and the other living on borrowed funds so that it could purchase more. Despite the sharply different roles that each nation carved for itself, though, a shared characteristic allowed them to chart their ultimately disastrous course.”

From the Washington Post

home of the underdogs

Today one of the most beloved websites has gone away forever. Sho sad.

Home of the underdogs specialised in dispensing and preserving nostalgia. It was regularly updated with old yet functional games that had been left by the wayside due to the unrelenting push of technology, Games with outdated graphics that truly stood the test of time. I remember downloading old versions of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a little bit of Monkey Island, some Prince of Persia. There was also the occasional simulator game like Theme Hospital and Civilisations. All in all, it was a good run. Now that HOTU is gone, who will resurrect the caretaker?

This post is written for those who still remember, because there is nothing left now.

home of the underdogs