wow. feels like a long time since i touched the keyboard write something that was actual writing and not something copied or rephrased from somewhere else.

i have no idea whats wrong with me. or whether there is even something that i should be worried about.

i just have no questions. 

that troubles me because all my life, i have had too many questions and as the answers came up, i swallowed them voraciously. But more and more, i just feel like everything that comes up now, i just know

people would say something, and it would just make sense, but not in the “omg this is brilliant i feel smarter why didn’t i think about it lets talk”  sense but more in the “hmm that’s true”. its hard to put in across in words.

is it because i have reached a stage in life where i’m pretty satisfied with my own identity and in 

have i exhausted all opportunities to learn? i know that is not true, because there are things that can still shock me. but maybe it is beyond my ability to grasp at this point in time, and the only thing i can do, is to wait for these experiences to jump into my warm inviting arms. or maybe i just need to get back to my hobbies of watching movies and reading. o me of little faith, why hast thou forsaken me?

Feels a little quiet..but maybe this is for the best. Over the years, i have lost sight of the reason why i came up with this blog in the first place. A place where i am restricted in what i have to say, is hardly a sanctuary for me to reside in.