A life motivated by the absence rather than the presence of others. Woe is habituation.


Stupid questions no.2

Manni: Lola, what would you do if I died?
Lola: I wouldn’t let you die.
Manni: Yeah well, what if i was fatally ill?
Lola: I’d find a way.
Manni: What if I was in a coma, and I had one day to live.
Lola: Then I’d throw you into the ocean. Shock Therapy.
Manni: What if i were dead anyway.
Lola: What do you want to hear?
Manni: Come on just tell me…
Manni: I know what you’d do. You’d forget me.
Lola: No!
Manni: Sure you would. What else could you do? Sure, you’d mourn for a few weeks. Not a bad idea. And everybody’s real compassionate…and everything’s so incredibly sad, and everyone feels sorry for you. You can show everyone how strong you are. “What a great woman,” they’ll say. “She really pulls herself together instead of crying all day.” And all at once this really nice guy with green eyes shows up. And he’s super sensitive, listens to you all day. And you can talk his ear off. And you can tell him how tough things are for you…and that you have to look after yourself and don’t know what’s gonna happen… and blah, blah, blah. Then you’d hop onto his lap and cross me off your list. That’s how it goes.
Lola: Manni.
Manni: What?
Lola: You haven’t died yet.

Stupid questions no.2

Stupid Questions

Lola: Manni, do you love me?
Manni: Sure I do
Lola: How can you be so sure?
Manni: I don’t know. I just am.
Lola: I could be some other girl.
Manni: No..Because you are the best.
Lola: Of all the girls in the world?
Manni: Sure.
Lola: How do you know?
Manni: I just do.
Lola: You think so.
Manni: Okay, I think so.
Lola: You see!
Manni: What?
Lola: You aren’t sure
Manni: Are you nuts or what??!??!?

A little while later:

Lola: So your heart says, “Shes the one.”
Manni: Exactly.
Lola: And you say, “Thanks for the information, see you around.”
Manni: Exactly.
Lola: You follow whatever your heart says?
Manni: Well I dunno, sometimes it doesn’t say, it just feels.
Lola: What does it feel now?
Manni: That someone is asking stupid questions.

Stupid Questions


I just discovered that normal members can now borrow 2 AV materials which can include audiobooks, audio cds and DVDs and i decided to make a trip down to the library@esplanade.

Wow. Just.. WOW. why haven’t i been here before. Why did i stick with the puny, non browsable selection at the NUS library?? There’s a veritable feast of concert DVDs, television serials (found lost seasons 1-4), classic and new movies, instructional videos, music scores. I got myself 2 concert dvds of franz ferdinand and john mayer. Shall get myself more soon.

Also, saw this quote on the wall.

“Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight
Here One Day
Gone One Night

Like A Sunset
Dying With The Rising Of The Moon
Gone Too Soon”

– Michael Jackson (1958-2009), Gone Too Soon

Truer words were never sung.


For the record, everytime you criticised me, said i wasn’t doing something right, asked me not to do something, i didn’t accuse you of not trusting me, i didn’t ask whats wrong with you, i didn’t say you were judging me. I didn’t like it, but i didn’t say it was something it was not. Yesterday i started off saying something which seemed a little insincere to me, and by the end of the night, had ended up with me being pushed into saying something else entirely, which upon retrospection, i don’t even think its true in any measure at all.

So no i don’t think your a bad friend. Please don’t make me think I’ve become one as well.