Saturday 23/1/2010

10 – 4pm work

5pm attempt at homecooked lamb chop with angela. turned out not bad 🙂

9pm back home. retuned guitar with cleartune for iphone, practiced a few chords

11pm curled up in bed with ender’s game

Sunday 24/1/2010

5.30am finished enders game. went to bed

8am woke up, headed to zombie film reshoot

6pm headed from zombie film reshoot to aunt’s place for salmon feast.

9pm reached home

10pm doing tutorial

>10pm who knows?

There are some days when everything seems to flow naturally, when work, play, academics (and a little romance :):)) come together and i’m in da zone. Hopefully I can throw in some exercise too, but i’m content for now.


Guide to writing an undergraduate thesis

I have decided to do a thesis, but on what? Ideally i’d like to discover something groundbreaking but I am of the opinion that undergraduate thesis are nothing much anyway, nobody seems to pays much attention to them. Maybe someday i’ll make the footnote on someone’s 1000 word essay on “How does the brain work”.

Sigh. Creatively bankrupt.

Step 1) Look through past textbooks and zoom in on those sections that say: “Further research is needed”. (I’m serious!)

Step 2) Utilise well established paradigms, methods of psychological assessment and psychological instruments

Step 3) Tweak experiment just a little bit.

Step 4) PROFIT

Guide to writing an undergraduate thesis