Taiwan Day 8 and 9

Our last few days in Taiwan were mostly a wrap up to ensure that we did not miss out on must see things and to revisit some of the places we liked.

First up, Din Tai Fung, our first proper restaurant meal of the trip haha

Supersized version of xiao long bao man

Also Taipei 101.

We paid the fee to go to the observatory in the worlds fastest elevators. Sadly, the elevators were all enclosed, so we couldn’t see the world receding as we rushed to the top.

The damper that gives the tower stability from ferocious winds.

Sadly the outside view was obscured by 3m high steel bars. What a goddamn waste.

Amazing view from the inside observatory

With that out of the way, we tried to chase the setting sun to Danshuei on the other side of Taipei

We missed it by just a bit but it was still a view worth seeing.

The bridge we were on

And to top off day 8, we finally found the orgasmic bubble tea we were searching for, tucked away in an obscure night market. The pearls in these cups of ambrosia are cooked with black sugar and they are just so yummy.

Day 9 was just doing some supermarket shopping and shopping at wufenpu again. Personally I never knew a 9 day trip could be so exhausting.  I don’t think I have the stomach for long holidays.

Taiwan Day 8 and 9

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